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One of the great values in legal technology is Microsoft's subscription-based Office 365 office suite. One of the key applications in Office 365 is Outlook. For June, we bring you two Outlook tips for the price of one. Actually, our newsletter tips are always free.

Your desk need not look like a paper warehouse. The photo accompanying this article shows my desk. If you look closely, you will see the tools needed to greatly reduce the flow of paper through your office. Reduced paper flow=greater efficiency and profitability.

Succession Planning in Five Steps

Succession planning is not easy. In fact, it can be very hard. It forces us to contemplate things that we don’t want to think about such as unexpected illness or death, or how to walk away from a career that we have spent more than half of our lives learning and living. While succession planning itself is not easy, every successful succession plan has five critical components.

The “NOT To-Do List” to Manage Tasks & Distractions

Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, client fires, 24-hour news, Trump, hurricanes, murders, crime, Russia, North Korea, 150 emails a day, constant interruptions, … It’s too much for us handle and it is resulting in workday paralysis, even before you sit down to start your day!

In my CLE seminars, webinars, and my upcoming book, I outline many strategies to manage tasks and distractions. However, I thought it might help to state them a slightly different way … as a “NOT to do list”. Here are 12 “NOTS” to keep yourself laser-focused.

Setting Up Your Time, Billing, and Accounting (T/B/A) Team to Succeed!

Many firms don’t give much thought to taking affirmative steps to ensure that time/billing/accounting teams have great success, leading to overall business success. These five key tips will ensure success for your critical back office team.

Affinity University (AU), is the single most affordable on demand training resource you can invest in for your team of legal professionals.

For just $360 per year, you get access to expert training on the programs legal professionals use every day. Whether it is page numbering in Word (for Macs, too!), compressing a PDF file, searching for Documents in NetDocuments , building a list view in Actionstep, or entering time in ORION, AU has you covered.

The Main Issue

Most Microsoft Word users have dealt with documents that seem unstable - they lock your computer up, the file size is larger than you would expect, the formatting is glitchy, etc. In many cases, the issues can be resolved by de-corrupting the document (which I’ll explain how to do below).

20 Years and Counting!

1998 was a big year. Google launched in 1998, Microsoft released Windows 98 in 1998, and it also just so happens to be our 20th Anniversary year too! It has been a wild ride with lots of twists and turns, and boy do we have a lot to be thankful for. We are excited to share some important and exciting news about Affinity, and what is coming in 2018 and how our clients will benefit.

Project Failure. It happens all too frequently in law firms. The projects that fail are in categories all over the map, including around process, around technology implementations, around training, around innovation, and so much more. Often the failure is blamed on the software, or the hardware, or the people. But, our experience tells us that our clients struggle with intentionally managing change.

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