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We’ve probably met. You receive our newsletter, so you have heard of Affinity Consulting Group. You may even be a client (Thank You!). But do you know what we do? Or more importantly, why we do it?

We do what we do to make your lives better. For decades, the consultants at Affinity Consulting Group have been providing first rate technology, training, and business process advice to law firms and legal departments all over the world. We improve the lives of our clients, one efficiency at a time. That means looking at your firm, your staff, your practice areas, your unique needs and your goals, and making recommendations that will have a positive impact on your life and business. Our advice might include hardware and network advice, practice management software advice, time, billing and accounting advice, document automation and document management advice, and beyond.

The recommendations we give often include recommendations for a particular software product. The software we recommend represents tools we use everyday to improve our client’s lives. The vendors with whom we partner, and the products they develop, are a direct reflection on Affinity. While there are hundreds of software programs on the market – we help keep our clients doing what they do best – practicing law. We do the leg work and the due diligence; we vet the programs on the market – so that only the best are in our tool box. When Affinity and LawBase decided to partner, you can be sure we did so with the greatest of confidence.

LawBase is a sophisticated, user friendly Practice Management Program that has stood the test of time for over 30 years. Affinity loves the product not only for its longevity and stability, but also for its powerful integrations -- giving legal professionals efficient access to all of the data and programs they use to serve their clients and run their businesses. With seamless integration with Worldox, HotDocs, and Outlook, legal professionals have one click access to case information, calendar details, contacts, document templates and case-related documents. Efficient access to data not only reduces stress for your staff, but in the end, improves productivity and profitability. And that’s your bottom line.

If you are looking for Practice Management software, Join Phil Homburger, the president and CEO of Synaptec Software (LawBase) for a free educational webinar. Phil will focus on the most important things to consider when choosing Practice Management software, and will showcase LawBase so that attendees can see the powerful features of the program in action. Phil has been involved with LawBase since its inception in 1981. Phil was the initial programmer of LawBase and has been instrumental in its growth since then. Join us!

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