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PCLaw 13, and the soon to be released version 14, make billing by email easier than ever! They vastly improve the functionality of sending bills and statements via email. Billing by email saves your firm, time, resources and lowers the cost of maintenance on printers, toner and postage. In 2014, very few clients should have issue with receiving bills from your firm via E-Mail. In fact, if you ask your clients, this writer surmises that many would prefer to receive bills in PDF format by email alleviating the task of receiving traditional “snail mail” from your firm only to have to scan the paper in upon receipt by the client. Emailing a PDF is efficient, time-saving, and cost effective.

While PCLaw has offered e-mail as a billing option for over 7 years, with the release of version 13, PCLaw improved the process by allowing you to design email billing templates that populate the body of an outbound email. (And, we have it on good authority that the process gets even better with the soon to be released version 14).

To create an email template in PCLaw which will populate the body of an outbound email simply go to OPTIONS: LISTS: E-MAIL TEMPLATES

Here you are able to add your own template, change an existing template, copy a template or remove an unused email template.

The template design is below.

In this window, you can design what the body of the email will read when an invoice/bill is sent to Email Output.

Note that you may include certain information from the PCLaw database in the body of your email as well as the subject line of the email.

Finally a unique signature can be set for each “sender” of bills in your firm.

The email template selection may be made at the MATTER BILL SETTINGS level, the MATTER MANAGER level or at the time of billing.

The result is as follows:

As each invoice is created by PCLaw it will stop to send the email to the recipient designated in the matter manager under E-Mail Address field 1 and populate the body of the e-mail per the E-Mail Template designed and selected. Note tha the invoice is attached in PDF format as “Invoice Number”.PDF.

Any bill template may be produced to PDF format and attached to the outbound email.

Hopefully, your firm will consider using this powerful new function available in PCLaw 13 and beyond.

For more information on how to set up e-mail billing at your firm, please contact us at (877) 676-5492.

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