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If you are creating bills in PCLaw, hopefully you know by now that you can create a PDF version of that bill during the billing process. There are many benefits to creating a PDF from within PCLaw, a few of which are: you keep a copy of original bill for historical purposes; you don’t waste time and resources printing and scanning the bill (this means the original PDF can be text searchable with some PDF applications); and if you aren't using the e-mailing features, you at least have your bills in a location and format where you can insert it into an email, etc.

Your firm may have clients that require uploading electronic bills, typically called Ledes, Tymetrix, etc., where the format is EDI.

Let's talk about where PCLaw stores these PDF or EDI files and the options you have to change that.

PCLaw's default location is the Data\Dyndata folder on your server, or workstation if PCLaw is installed as a standalone system. This folder contains live data files for PCLaw (i.e. banking transaction data, client and matter data, billing data, etc.). You can imagine the potential for accidently deleting data files when users browse to this folder so as a best practice, we change the location to a different folder. Here are the steps to accomplish this. This must be set at each workstation for users who create or recreate bills in PCLaw. You log into PCLaw at that workstation with a PCLaw login that has sufficient security to access System Settings, hence why you should consider this a workstation setting.

1. Create a folder on your server (or workstation a standalone install) called PCLaw Bill Images, in a location backed up and accessible by other users.

2. Go to the Options pull-down menu | System Settings.

3. Go to the Billing tab and locate the Output Options for Invoice Images section. Here is what the default location and settings could look like, depending on how your computer is connected to the server.

4. Click the Browse button and browse to the folder you just created

- Change the number from 20 to a higher number (we would recommend a few months of invoices depending on the number of invoices you create each month). Note: the size of these PDF and EDI files is small so on a server, space should not be an issue, but if you are a standalone installation, keep in mind the number and the capacity of the hard drive.

- Select the Automatically Generate PDF Output. Note: EDI formats are created when you are on the Create Bill screen and select the Editor output option.

- Click ok to save.

Here is an example of the changed location and settings:

One more thing to know…If you upgrade PCLaw, or perform a new workstation installation, this path in System Settings REVERTS BACK to the default DYNDATA folder, so review this at every workstation after the upgrade or new installation.

As always, you can call or email our Client Services Team for assistance, at 877-676-5492 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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