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We asked Partners, Consultants, and Staff at Affinity to name the tech for which they are most thankful this Thanksgiving season. The responses were varied and fascinating. Some picked the latest gadgets. Others went with software or web-based services.

Read on to find out which tech products are valued most by our Partners, Consultants and Staff. You may find your next favorite tech item on this list.

ASUS MB MB169B+ Portable Monitor - The productivity benefits of multi-monitor configurations in the law office are well known. Wouldn't it be nice to have those same benefits when traveling? You can, with a portable USB-powered monitor. Globe-trotting Affinity Partner Barron Henley gives thanks for his Asus MB MB169B+ 15.6 inch portable monitor. It plugs into the USB port of his laptop to give him a dual screen configuration. As the world's thinnest portable monitor, it will easily fit next to your laptop in your existing briefcase or travel bag.

TripIt - If you travel frequently, keeping up with your itineraries can be a nightmare. Is your rental car in Cleveland from Avis or Hertz? Is your hotel in Tampa the Hyatt or the Hilton? Do you land in Des Moines in time to meet your old college roomate for dinner? If not, is there an alternate flight that will get you in earlier? Affinity Partner Debbie Foster is on the road (or in the air) many times each month. With her busy travel schedule, she is thankful for TripIt. a Web-based service with mobile apps for iOS and Android to gather and organize all of her travel information. She simply forwards her confirmation emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is a free version, but why not opt for the more feature-laden 30-day free trial of Trip-It Pro, which after 30 days costs $4.09 per month, but saves Debbie much more than that in airfare refunds when fares drop between booking and the date of travel.

Tiny Scanner App - Using a smart phone or tablet to "scan" legal documents, receipts, etc., when away from the office is a huge convenience. There are many apps that do this on all major platforms, but Senior Document Management Consultant Greg Bray is thankful for Tiny Scanner. There is also an Android version.

Roku Video Streaming Player - Life isn't all work. Sometimes you just want to sit on the sofa and watch a movie. Fred Engel from our Client Services Team is thankful for his Roku player. Some people become so attached to their Roku players that they give them names, just like a pet. Only the best tech leads to that type of loyalty and affection.

Google Maps - Getting there is half the fun, unless you get stuck in traffic. Google Maps will not only guide you to your destination, it has traffic reports that will keep you from wasting time getting there. Affinity Consultant Danielle DavisRoe is thankful for Google Maps traffic reporting.

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear headphones - Air travel is much cheaper for us than it was for prior generations. It is also far less pleasant. Not only do non-business travelers wear pajamas and flip flops on the plane and eat incredibly smelly food, they are also very loud. A business traveler NEEDS noise cancelling headphones. Contrary to their reputation for being all show and no go, these Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear headphones are among the best noise-cancelling headphones you can buy. Barron Henley is thankful for his Beats anytime he travels, but don't just take his word for it. The leading consumer rating magazine and many other reviewers also rated this model at the top of their wireless noise-cancelling headphone list.

iPhone - We have busy multi-tasking lives. We need a phone that can keep up with us. Affinity's Marketing Coordinator Karen Scher is thankful for her iPhone because it helps her do her day job and her many after-hours jobs including Football Mom, Library Board Member, College Kid Mom, etc. Whether you are an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry user, your smart phone is worth being thankful for.

Amazon Echo - Most devices are at their best when you buy them and get worse with age. Not true of Amazon's Echo, aka "Alexa." It was an OK device when released, but regular updates have made it a more capable and desireable device. Affinity newsletter editor Scott Bassett is thankful for his Echo. It provides music, podcasts, and Aubible audio books as well as news and weather updates - all on voice command. When Scott adds home automation devices to his house, Alexa will serve as a voice-activated control center to adjust lights, temperature, and control the security system. We all hope to improve with age. Alexa has proven it is possible to get better with age.

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX - Do you hate touchpads? If so, you are probably a Windows user. Mac users seem to like Macbook touchpads because Apple figured out how to make a good one. Not so with the makers of Windows PC's, with the possible exception of Microsoft's own recently-released Surface Book, which has a large glass Mac-like touchpad. Like most Windows users, Barron Henley hates the touchpad on his laptop. But Barron loves his Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX. He reports that it doesn't require a mouse pad and "works on any surface, even glass." On Barron's recommendation, newsletter editor Scott Bassett recently bought one and he wholeheartedly concurs. Tip: If you use the Chrome web browser, be sure to install Logitech's smooth scrolling extension to use with this mouse.

PCLaw - Front office software seems to get all the glory, but without a solid back office, a law firm cannot survive. Staff members responsible for back office functions such as time/billing/accounting want reliable software that does it all. Affinity's Business Development Coordinator, Danielle L. Faries, is thankful for PCLaw from LexisNexis. Affinity has been using, installing in law firms, configuring, and supporting PCLaw since long before it was purchased by LexisNexis. Over the decades, PCLaw has proven to be rock-solid, reliable, and functional.

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