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Attention all Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Firms. Firms that are currently up-to-date with their annual maintenance plan are eligible to update to version 18.1.

It’s About Trust

Highlights of the new features include improvements to the trust accounting system with a new and very much improved bank and trust reconciliation process. The bank reconciliation is new and updated. Better yet, deposits can be combined into a deposit slip and multiple EFT transfers can be combined to match the total being transferred.

For those firms that transfer from trust to operating, it can now be automated so it will transfer based on the bill being produced. And, there is the new Three-Way Reconciliation Report that will make any State Bar happy.

Added Reports and Functionality in PracticeMaster to the Fee Entry

Now the Fee entry screen is very much like the Fee entry screen in Tabs3 with the ability to see the Rate assigned to the time entry and the ability to get the “Budget Exceeded” message.

Also added a Recap of Hours Calendar View in PracticeMaster as well as 3 new reports.

New General Ledger Reports

So a new favorite report of those client that have already upgraded to version 18 is the ability to see the Income Statement (P&L) with Monthly side-by-side columns or select Quarterly side-by-side columns.

Importing Transactions from Bank and Credit Card

This new feature allows the Firm to import the transactions for their Operating, Trust, or any bank account as well as Credit Card transactions for easy matching to what is already in the system. This is a great way to find “missed” transactions such as bank charges, and get them entered before beginning the reconciliation process. It is easy to use.

There is lots more so take a look at What's New Version 18 and call Sandy Adams or Britt Lorish today with questions or to schedule your upgrade.

Platinum Version

For those of you still using the multiuser version of Tabs3 & PracticeMaster, this might be a good time to think about making that jump to Platinum. There are plenty of benefits:

Tabs3 Connect: The ability to access PracticeMaster remotely from anywhere and any device!

Accelerators: This will speed up those slow reports and more.

HotBackup: The ability to have a good database backup that can be scheduled and, better yet, not everyone needs to stop working and logout!

Auto-Recovery: This is one of the best features that you really can’t see or touch, but when it goes into action, you are really glad it did.

Log Off Users: Users forgot to log out? Need to do some maintenance? No problem because you can safely log them off without worries.

eNote: For firms that want to communicate internally, this is a great tool.

Exchange Connector: Synchronizing between PracticeMaster and Outlook? Make it even better by having the Exchange Connector handle the traffic.

Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to give you more detailed information about these benefits so you can decide it is time to Upgrade to Platinum.

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