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Affinity proactively commits to partnering with our clients to continuously improve processes, productivity and technology by helping them recognize and implement business goals, strategic solutions and technology decisions.

We help lawyers and other legal professionals with efficiency, productivity, and profitability in their law firms and legal departments. We strive to be your Trusted Advisors and encourage our clients to call us for pretty much anything. If we can "fix it" we will. If we can't "fix it" you can bet we know who can.

Affinity has a dedicated team of consultants called our Client Service Team that is here to serve you when you need help. Here are some examples of when to call Affinity’s Client Service Team and how we can help:

1. We just hired this new person. Such and such is leaving our firm. -- Staffing changes are a great reason to give us a shout. We assist with creating and removing firm members from applications according to best practices to preserve data integrity. There are a lot of things to think about. Call us before you make a change you can’t take back.

2. We are considering installing a new application or an add-in for a new, is that a good idea? – Call us BEFORE you install so we can make sure the application is compatible with your current system. We can also assist after the install to ensure all of the right boxes are checked and settings are selected so it looks the way you expect it to look when the installation is complete.

3. We are ordering, what is compatible with what? -- We often work with our clients to answer questions, or solve problems involving third party integrations with their legal software. We can troubleshoot the problem or simply let you know what the application is supposed to do.

4. Can you be our “IT Guy” translation service? -- Let us talk to your “IT Guy” and help you navigate the environmental changes and their unintended consequences when you purchase a new server. In fact, your best bet is to call us BEFORE you purchase the new server or workstation. We will help you make the best choice and cover all of your bases.

5. Is there a better way? Do we need training? – Yes, there is probably a better way. Yes, I’m sure you need more training. We can always learn something new to make us more efficient, right? We can help with that!

6. It’s broken – Most commonly we do routine maintenance and fix the moving parts of your software and all of their integrations. We do updates, upgrades, patch installs, VDI, DFIC, all the acronyms. You don’t even know that that means or if you need them? Call us.

7. What does this button do? – We can help you explore and configure new features in your software.

8. Can my calendar connect to my iPhone? - We can work with you to be sure all of the settings are correct for a smooth synchronization between your database and all of your devices. Call us BEFORE you synchronize. We can help you avoid duplication or deletion of records.

9. How do I enter my time and get it from this program to that program? -- Call us for assistance with time posting & accounting links.

10. I think I remember my consultant saying something about…. -- The Client Service team is the “Transitional help” following a new software implementation or upgrade. Training can be overwhelming and you may not remember everything your awesome Affinity consultant taught you during your initial training. But you think they said something about this feature thing. Call us, we’ll point you in the right direction.

If you need our assistance, please contact a member of our Client Service Team by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling (877) 676-5492.

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