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Affinity Consulting Group is a team of trusted advisors working together to find tailored solutions to unlock every client's potential. We thought you might enjoy getting to know about the lives of some of our team members who help make that happen. Each month we feature another member of the Affinity Team. Get to know us!

Meet Adam Ringel, Consultant with the Document Automation and Database Services Teams. He is located in Affinity’s Columbus, Ohio office. When he was first admitted to the Bar, Adam became aware of Affinity when he heard Partner Barron K. Henley speak at his New Lawyer Training CLE.

Adam was extremely interested in what Barron presented and five years later jumped at the chance to join Affinity in 2014. Asked about why he loves what he does, Adam commented, “I’m a nerd and lawyer, so working with documents and data all day is right in my wheel house. I view every project as a puzzle that I have to solve, which is really fun for me.”

Outside of the office, Adam and his wife are expecting their first child this Fall. He both plays and officiates ice hockey and travels to Cleveland regularly for the Broadway Series in Playhouse Square. His ties to Cleveland also include “suffering through every Cleveland sports’ season.”

Adam’s most memorable Affinity story is all about colleagues adorning his life. A few weeks ago, Adam was chastised for not having any decorations on his walls at work. That same day, the Columbus team began their personal mission to decorate Adam’s office. He has now inherited the office NASCAR posters which now adorn his walls. A couple of weeks later when Adam was out of the office travelling to clients’ projects, another new poster showed up. Slowly but surely Adam’s office is getting decorated for (or despite!) him.

Here is just a bit more about Adam:

Favorite Vacation Spot: Aspen

Book or movie I recommend and why: Book: Ready Player One. It’s a fun geeky read that incorporates a ton of pop culture references.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Music: Depends on my mood, I’ll move from Country to Classic Rock to EDM all in a day, but most of the time I default to Alternative.

Hobbies/Interests: Hockey, Skiing, Suffering through every Cleveland sports season.

Three words that describe me: Steady, Patient, Detail-oriented

If I won the lottery, I’d: Invest the bulk, live off the interest, and travel.

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