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Affinity Consulting Group is a team of trusted advisors working together to find tailored solutions to unlock every client's potential. We thought you might enjoy getting to know about the lives of some of our team members who help make that happen. Each month we feature another member of the Affinity Team. Get to know us!

Meet Alex Palzewicz, Client Service Consultant, joined Affinity in June as one of our newest team members. He comes to Affinity from Solfecta Consulting, along with Jeff Krausse who we introduced in July. Alex’s paralegal and legal technology experience brings another great resource to our Client Service Team. He is based in Wisconsin.

When Alex discovered companies in the legal profession like Solfecta and Affinity, he immediately appreciated how legal technology could make a difference in helping law firms run more smoothly and efficiently. In addition, I get to learn something new every day and improve my technology skills. Alex loves using computers and technology to help others. As Alex says, “The personal computer is undeniably the most significant invention of the last century. It has revolutionized the world in deep and profound ways. Ever since I was in elementary school playing Oregon Trail on the school Macintosh computers, I loved using personal computers and technology in everyday life to accomplish everyday tasks, especially for our clients.”

When the weather’s nice in Wisconsin (i.e. NO SNOW!) Alex enjoys outdoor activities like golfing, running, and attending summer festivals when he isn’t helping Affinity clients. He’s a big sports fan and cheers on his local Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers and Milwaukee Brewers/Bucks whenever he can.

Alex’s favorite Affinity story so far was at the Worldox Reseller Conference in November 2015. Alex met some of the Affinity team for the first time and in lieu of exchanging business cards he decided to make a good first impression by showing off his karaoke skills the night before the conference. His weapon of choice – Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” (he claims to know all the words to – no shame). After rapping the biggest summer hit of 1992, he received a shout-out from the DJ, applause from the audience, and high-fives from the Affinity team. Alex quotes the DJ, “We did NOT see that coming!”

Here is just a bit more about Alex:

Family: My immediate family consists of my parents, three sisters, one brother, two brothers-in-law, one sister-in-law, six nephews, and one very spoiled niece.

Favorite Vacation Spot: The state I have visited most outside of the Midwest is Florida, so I consider that my home away from home.

Book or movie I recommend and why: To Kill a Mockingbird – without a doubt – has had the biggest impact on my life in teaching lessons that praise tolerance and denounce prejudice. Both the novel and the film are classics.

Favorite Food: Gotta go with pizza. I can seriously eat that every day.

Favorite Music: 90s Pop (Third Eye Blind, The Goo Goo Dolls, Oasis, Matchbox Twenty, etc.), because it was what I grew up to.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, playing the guitar (very poorly!), sports, bowling, shooting pool, drawing, Netflix.

Three words that describe me: Witty. Adaptable. Positive.

If I won the lottery, I’d: buy a house – paid in full!

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