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Throughout the year, as we have been working with our Worldox clients on upgrades from Worldox GX3 to Worldox GX4, we've found, more often than not, that cabinet (formerly profile group) set up and configuration may have been compromised over the years. By this I mean that some firms have added fields to their main cabinet that users now feel burdens them when saving and searching for documents.

An example might be where a firm decided to add and require users to identify a "practice area" when saving a document such as this:

When questioned as to "WHY" a firm has added this extra field, most replied that they didn't know, thought that this was how Worldox worked, or said that some predecessor had added this field and thought it was a good idea.

Yet another client designed their fields with the AUTHOR at the top (and designated as a subdirectory), causing matter related documents to reside in multiple locations depending upon who was identified as the author of the document. While Worldox can search and remember in which subdirectory a document resides, there is certainly efficiency loss if, at any time, a user wanted to use, for example, the DIRECT ACCESS function to access all documents for a particular client/matter.

Lastly, in yet another client firm, I discovered an added "SUBFOLDR" field which is a folder that seems to live on the server in an independent location. (see example above).

FAVORITE MATTERS: In Worldox GX4, one of the best new features is known as "Favorite Matters". Worldox GX4 anticipates your Favorite Matters list as you save content to those matters and dynamically builds your "favorite matters" list for you. One benefit of Favorite Matters, as you save content, Worldox GX4 will efficiently fill in the client/matter fields for you (saving time). But unlike the old GX3 Quick Profile, the favorite matter list is built FOR you, favorite matters build dynamically for you. NO effort on your part is required. The other advantage of Favorite Matters is that you can quickly and easily get to all of the content saved to a matter by double clicking on the favorite matter list in Worldox GX4. However, favorite matters only work for you IF your clients and matters are set up as fields 1 and 2 in your cabinet (F/K/A profile group). In the examples above, it would function properly in figure one, but NOT in figure 2. Further documents saved to the stand-alone subfolder field in Figure 2 would not be included in the resulting list of favorite matter documents (assuming that client and matter were fields 1 & 2 in figure 2 above). Finally, Favorite Matters will also build dynamically in the Worldox subfolder schema in Microsoft Outlook permitting even easier drag and drop e-mail saves in GX4. Thus, cleaning up your cabinets to permit favorite matter functionality is key to harnessing one of the many powerful new features of GX4.

The point of this article is that even if your fields are not designed the way you feel is most efficient and/or even if you are frustrated with the way Worldox is currently set up, hope is not lost by any means! With our Worldox expertise, we can not only redesign your fields, relocate your documents, but also assist you with additional cabinet design for other firm department such as "Human Resources", "Administration", "Accounting", "User" and the like.

WORLDOX HEALTH CHECK: A great way for us to help you determine if we could make Worldox "better" for you, would be to schedule a Worldox Health Check and Assessment with our Document Management Team. The Worldox Health Assessment is a complete "look under the hood" of your current setup and status and results in a meaningful, easy to read report of suggestions to make Worldox even more productive and efficient for your firm. For more information about the Worldox Health Check, feel free to email Katie Kennedy, our Director of Client Development at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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