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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could search the existing search result that you have in front of you? In other words, you run a search and you would like to drill down further by searching that search result. You now can.

To make this easier, we recommend creating a search template and a bookmark for this search, and call it “Search Current List”. Have your Worldox Manager do this so the template and bookmark can be saved as a public search template and bookmark. Here are the steps:

  1. Run a search in your main matter cabinet/profile group (i.e. all docs in the XYZ matter – this could be done via direct access or a search template).
  2. Leaving that list displayed, now use the search template for that cabinet as if you were starting a new search.
  3. Select Search What and change it from Active to Current List.
  4. Leave all the other fields blank, but be sure that the correct Cabinet/Profile Group is selected for the search that you just ran. Note: If you want to search the current list in another cabinet, you need to set up a button for that other cabinet.
  5. Save this as a search template by selecting Options and Save Template. Call it Search Current List – [cabinet/profile group name] and save it as a new public template (do not overwrite the existing).
  6. After the template has been saved, bookmark it on the bookmark button bar to give everyone one-click access to this search.
  7. To create a bookmark from a saved search template, select Bookmarks from the menu bar and then Create from a Search. Select the search template that you just created (Search Current List).
  8. Select Show Template. Give it a name that makes sense in the Bookmark Name field. Select Pin to Button Bar.

Now you will be able to search the name/comment, text in file, or other profile fields for any search result within that cabinet/profile group. Note that the text in file search will take a little longer because it is not utilizing the pre-built text index.

In next month’s article, we will show you how to use this feature to create a special Email View Filter that allows you to filter out all other results except email, and then display just the fields that we ordinarily see in Outlook (To, From, Description, Sent Date).

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