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As solo and small firm law office owners, often the tasks that are most critical to continued business operation find themselves pushed down the priority list, spread across multiple employees, or handled by someone with a personal relationship to the owners, but not really “on the payroll.” Of course, salary overhead and benefits are often a deterrent to hiring someone.

Affinity has spent years providing management and technology consulting to law firms, and have seen firsthand how firms struggle to keep consistent, timely processes for new matter opening, pre-bill creation, pre-bill corrections, billing (regular mail or email), E-Billing, payment posting, accounts payable transaction posting, trust transaction posting, bank reconciliations, G/L reconciliations and adjustments, month end reporting and procedures. And, while it may not be what you went to law school to do, it is a necessary part of running a law firm.

Keeping the books for a law firm isn’t a simple task. On top of understanding General Accounting Principles, law firm bookkeepers need to understand the rules of professional conduct that impact the way lawyers bill, and manage client trust accounts.

The list of tasks is lengthy, but in fact, don’t always justify a full time employee. And, hiring, training, and dealing with employee turnover can be difficult for solo and small firms to manage.

That’s where YourBooks comes in. Affinity’s outsourced legal bookkeeping service allows you to get back to the practice of law, with the peace of mind that professionals who have provided firms with law firm time, billing & accounting best practices as part of their core business for over 20 years have YourBooks under control. Whether you need to outsource the entire list of tasks, or, just need oversight on month and year end responsibilities, your Affinity YourBooks consultant Affinity works with you to tailor a list of responsibilities, streamline the process, and get YourBooks under control. Now you can focus on providing superior client service – while we help you get paid for doing so.

If you are lucky enough to have a key employee trained to manage the books, YourBooks can still be a great resource for covering vacation, medical leave, maternity and paternity leave, or any temporary situation that stands to interrupt your efficient billing and accounting processes.

YourBooks consultants can support your needs in a variety of billing and accounting programs, including Actionstep, Centerbase, Clio, Cosmolex, Orion, PCLaw, and Quickbooks, RocketMatter, and Tabs3 .

Let’s work together on YourBooks. Contact Lauren Bencini at 727-544-5400 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to find out how.

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