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Affinity Consulting loves to help improve the lives of our clients. We thought you might enjoy getting to know about the lives of some of our team members who help make that happen. Each month we will feature another member of the Affinity Team. Get to know us!

Meet Chris Martz, Senior Legal Technology Consultant. Chris joined Affinity in July, 2011. He came to Affinity from a large law firm in Roanoke after Affinity became the outsourced training and network management provider. He currently works in the Roanoke office. Chris has been married to his wife Angie for 22 years and has two children who are now 15 and 20. His daughter attends high school and loves the marching band while his son is entering his Junior year at Virginia Tech. Go Hokies!

Chris enjoys working at Affinity because he loves the challenge of dealing with a variety of people, in a variety of settings and being able to connect to each one to help them through a broad range of technologies and issues.

Here’s a few more tidbits about Chris:

Life Outside the Affinity: Very involved with our church where I run sound most Sunday mornings, lead a small group and play on the church volleyball team.

Favorite Vacation Spot: My parents own a condo at Smith Mountain Lake which is 45 minutes away. So it is cheap, close and feels like a whole different world.

Book or movie I recommend and why: The Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie because of the great story, based on a Stephen King short story, and the great acting along with Morgan Freeman’s voice! The book I would recommend is The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Few books have given me as much insight into myself and others.

Favorite Food: My perfect meal is Steak and Baked Potato.

Favorite Music: Favorite artist is Prince, followed by Casting Crowns.

Hobbies/Interests: Enjoy tinkering with electronics and gadgets, running sound for local bands, and hanging out with my wife.

Three words that describe me: Friendly, Intelligent, witty.

If I won the lottery, I’d: not quit my job and not buy a new house, but I would make sure any debt in my family was paid off and invest the rest.

As you type, Microsoft Word assumes that any hyphen or space is an acceptable point to flow the text onto the next line or page. However, that may not be a safe assumption. For example, in the screen shot below, a line break occurred in the middle of the date which also happened to correspond with a page break.

On September 9th, Apple unveiled the long-awaited enormous iPad tablet. Because I do a large number of CLE and courtroom presentations, this larger tablet has been on my mind for quite some time. Running PowerPoint and trial presentation software from a laptop is sometimes a drag because a laptop is heavy and wireless presentations from a laptop aren’t ideal. Running presentations from a Windows-based Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a little better, but few Windows programs or apps are touch-screen optimized, and wireless options aren’t very good. The iPad is great with apps like TrialPad and ExhibitView, but sometimes the size of an iPad is just a little too small.

Keeping documents in the Cloud is often safer and more secure than keeping them on your local computer or your firm's server. It can also be more convenient. I use Microsoft's OneDrive Cloud storage to store my client-related (and personal) documents. On my desktop PC, I have Word set to save automatically to OneDrive.

But what if your travel computer doesn't have Word installed? Or your prefer the travel with a lightweight and more secure device such as a Chromebook or iPad that can't run traditional desktop software? You can use mobile Word apps or the browser-based Word Online. Sadly, I've found that neither works particularly well for complex documents such as the appeal briefs that are central to my law practice. Garbled formatting often results. Fortunately, there is another way.

Affinity Consulting loves to help improve the lives of our clients. We thought you might enjoy getting to know about the lives of some of our team members who help make that happen. Each month we will feature another member of the Affinity Team. Get to know us!

Meet Jessica Keeler, Business Development Coordinator. Jessica joined Affinity in April, 2014, with years of sales and client services experience under her belt. Jessica and her husband live in Northeast Ohio where they love spending time with family and friends when not assisting Affinity clients. Jessica explains, "I have 3 nephews and 1 niece who I adore and try to spend as much time with whenever possible."

Jessica loves her job at Affinity because she enjoys working with clients to help them with their needs. "It is rewarding to assist others and to reassure them that they are in good hands with our consultants and client services team. I also enjoy seeing the relationships blossom with our vendors."

Here’s a few more tidbits about Jessica:

Favorite Vacation Spot: ANY BEACH!!!

Favorite Movie and Why: Frozen – because sometimes in life the best thing to do is "Let it Go!"

Favorite Music: Country

Hobbies/Interests: This time of year my interests are FOOTBALL! THE Ohio State University & Cleveland Browns.

Three Words to Best Describe Me: Organized, Focused, and Friendly

Favorite Affinity story: When I blew my back out the first couple months I worked at Affinity. I was with Katie Kennedy, our Director of Business Development, visiting our Tampa Office. She had to help me to dress and even walk out of the hotel. Our Managing Partner Debbie sent me to see her chiropractor and Danielle Faries, Business Development Coordinator, drove me to the appointment. I was in a lot of pain and supremely embarrassed, but everyone was so supportive and took excellent care of me until I could get a flight home. It goes to show that they truly care about people’s needs and want what is best for everyone. They always go above and beyond, with their colleagues and clients, to make sure they are taken care of.

In a recent article in Legal Tech News, the article’s author reported that more than eighty (80) percent of law firms in 2015 still rely heavily on paper and paper records. Thus, we are still a highly environmental UNFRIENDLY industry and because of our paper clutching behavior, we remain highly inefficient and wasteful.

Every Word user knows that CTRL+S is the keyboard shortcut to save the currently open document. Those of us old enough to remember PC's that crashed without warning (basically anything before Windows XP) hit that keystroke combination habitually every few minutes.

Fortunately, PC's and operating systems are more reliable now. But it never hurts to be cautious. Fortunately Word has a built-in AutoRecover feature that automatically saves a backup copy of your files. This month we show you how to enable and use it.

With the recent release of Windows 10, much of the "talk" is about Cortana, Microsoft's new voice assistant. But if you are going to (wisely) wait to upgrade your primary office PC to Windows 10, you can still take advantage of the voice technology features built into Windows 8. This month's tip will describe Narrator and how to use it with Word.

Affinity Consulting loves to help improve the lives of our customers. We thought you might enjoy getting to know about the lives of some of our team members who help make that happen. Each month we will feature another member of the Affinity Team. Get to know us!

Meet Wray Withers, Client Service Team Member. Wray joined Affinity in May, 2013, with implementation and training experience at a small software company in Central Ohio. Wray and her husband have a sweet 2-year old boy who will soon be joined by “Mystery Son #2” in October. Athena, their big husky-mix, rounds out the family. Wray loves her job at Affinity because at least once a day, she gets to make someone’s day easier! “Whether I fix it myself or find someone who can help our client learn a better way, their day just got a little bit better – and sometimes the better way makes not just one day, but every day easier.”

Here’s a few more tidbits about Wray:

Favorite Vacation Spot: A big, long road trip…I love to go lots of places, like across the US from NY to Grand Canyon instead of just one place.

Favorite Food: Venezuelan street food called Arepa, especially Reina Pepiada – a spicy avocado and cooked chicken salad stuffed into corn meal cake.

Favorite Music: Anything not written to teach the ABCs to toddlers!

Hobbies/Interests: Reading German literature, especially Kafka. If you read any of his stories you’ll find him secretly very funny and your bad day will be put into perspective! Remember, it could always be worse!

If I won the lottery, I’d: Go on the honeymoon we’ve put off for over 3-years!

Favorite Affinity story: I love it when the Affinity teams get together outside of work and my favorite was when several of us in the Columbus, Ohio office visited the Tampa, FL office. We all went to an Octoberfest celebration in the sweltering heat and did the Chicken Dance together!

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