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Change is hard. We know that. But seriously, Windows XP was released in late 2001. That was more than a dozen years ago. Forget about dog years, in tech years, that is ancient history. It isn't that XP wasn't good in its day. But its day was long ago.

Many lawyers and law firm staff are dedicated users of Microsoft's desktop office suite (as traditionally purchased software or via the high-value Office 365 subscription). However, most are not aware of the completely free web-based version of Office. Although it has been around for a while, Microsoft has until now given it a low profile (under its previous name, Office Web Apps). And that was unfortunate because Office Online has a lot to offer. It is a full cloud-based office suite that is a worthy competitor to the better-known Google Docs.

Lawyers and law firm staff are discovering that the traditional ways of interacting with their computers, the keyboard and mouse, are not always the best ways. Windows 8.1 offers a new touch-based interface, for example. But voice interaction with our computers and tablets is potentially more useful.

Unfortunately, the microphones built into notebook computers are of modest quality. To get the most out of voice interaction with your technology, a good external microphone is needed. The portable and inexpensive (approx. $40 at Amazon at other retailers) Blue Snowflake is a versatile choice for lawyers with multiple devices.

Many people are frustrated with the default formatting Word 2007/10/13 applies to new documents. If you have to change the typeface (Calibri), the size (11 pt) or the justification (left) for every new document, there's an easy way to make those changes permanent so they will automatically be built into every future document you create. To make all of the following changes to Word's default Font, Paragraph & Section formatting, just launch Word and open a blank document.

We’ve probably met. You receive our newsletter, so you have heard of Affinity Consulting Group. You may even be a client (Thank You!). But do you know what we do? Or more importantly, why we do it?

The January 2014 Feature Article and Webinar focus on Presentation Matters. Now let's take a look at inexpensive software called AirParrot that can give you greater flexibility in presenting content from a standard Windows computer wirelessly to a $99 Apple TV video streaming box, no Mac or iPad needed.

Lose the Start Screen and Open/Save Documents Faster

By default, Word 2013 doesn't open a blank document when you run it the program; and it makes opening and saving document annoying due to several previously unnecessary clicks. Here's how to solve these problems.

In all businesses, Presentation Matters. As an attorney or legal professional, you have been through thousands of presentations, either in the courtroom, CLEs, client meetings, or elsewhere. You've also surely seen more than your share of "bad" PowerPoint presentations.

Whether your firm is using presentation technology to educate other lawyers, clients or prospects, using this technology at mediation and trial, looking for a way to better explain complex concepts to your clients, or simply trying to be sure your law firm's logo and website reflect the level of professionalism your client will receive from you, Presentation DOES matter.

Things suddenly got a lot more interesting for lawyers shopping for a tablet device for productivity use. We are not talking about content consumption devices like the new Kindle Fire HDX or even the Google Nexus 7, currently the top-rated Android tablet. Instead, we are talking about tablets that can actually be used to make money in a law practice.

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