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With the recent release of ND Office 2.0, NetDocuments made many of the same features available in both ND Office and in their EMS profiler outlook add-in. In Particular, ND Office 2.0 adds the following features:

  1. Suggested filing locations - In outlook’s Home tab, users will see the ND Save button, with a list of suggested filing locations available next to it with the top item displayed. The ndoffice toolbar provides suggested file locations based on previous filing locations for that sender.
  2. ND Location column – A column called “ND Location” is added to the user’s Outlook view that will display the filed email’s location

Do End of Year/Beginning of Year Planning with Worldox!

Now is a great time to reflect on the past year and develop goals for the upcoming year. It is a good idea to do this with your software so you can maximize your investment and retrain your team about not only how to use the program, but also about important protocols within your firm.

Throughout the year, as we have been working with our Worldox clients on upgrades from Worldox GX3 to Worldox GX4, we've found, more often than not, that cabinet (formerly profile group) set up and configuration may have been compromised over the years. By this I mean that some firms have added fields to their main cabinet that users now feel burdens them when saving and searching for documents.

Now that the end of the year is upon us it, is a good time to consider some house cleaning when it comes to our document management system. Archiving and maintaining your Worldox tables and files is an important part of managing Worldox. World Software has developed some comprehensive tools to assist with the end of year cleanup. These tools range from built in archiving ability and document retention policies to an automated bulk archive tool that will archive based on many different parameters such as a matter closed date.

Why should you archive your files or clean up your client matter tables annually? Archiving your files will help you maintain a healthy lean environment for many years to come. When you archive your files, you are moving them out of the production database, which will help keep only the most recent or relevant files in a matter file list, cutting down on the time it takes to navigate to and locate a relevant file.

Every December our Affinity Partners, Consultants, and Staff suggest tech items they think would make great gifts for lawyers, staff, and family. This year we have a wide range of tech gadgets, gizmos, and services for your consideration.

One of the lesser known features in NetDocuments is the ability for you to save documents directly into Cabinets by forward them via an email message to a special email address.

Show me this magic!

Let's say you are working with a matter where you are continually receiving documents via email that you would like to quickly save to NetDocuments.

There are many ways to configure access rights in NetDocuments. A user's access to a particular document or folder will depend on which combination of features are applied. This article describes one such method, applying security at the document level.

Modifying the Access List of a Document or Folder

Modifying an Access List

You can modify an Access List by selecting a single document or multiple documents from a List View page. Under More Options, you will see the Modify Access option. (For folder access, you will have the same option under Folder Options.)

Worldox email drop folders in GX4 are now automatically created based on matters that you touch in Worldox. You no longer have to create Quick Profiles in order to create them! It makes saving emails infinitely easier …

Many firms and legal departments don’t have or want dedicated I.T. resources to manage, update, maintain and train Worldox users. Worldox Complete Care (WCC) is a service offering that solves this problem. WCC is all about budgeting and reducing your costs so you can focus on other areas of your operation. Affinity’s deep talent pool of document management advisors, allows us to support your Worldox database, resolve problems before you even notice and escalate issues so you get to the right person faster. To top it off, we have a 99% up time guarantee. Complete Care Pricing is based on the number of users you have at your firm.

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