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One of the lesser known features in NetDocuments is the ability for you to save documents directly into Cabinets by forward them via an email message to a special email address.

Show me this magic!

Let's say you are working with a matter where you are continually receiving documents via email that you would like to quickly save to NetDocuments.

There are many ways to configure access rights in NetDocuments. A user's access to a particular document or folder will depend on which combination of features are applied. This article describes one such method, applying security at the document level.

Modifying the Access List of a Document or Folder

Modifying an Access List

You can modify an Access List by selecting a single document or multiple documents from a List View page. Under More Options, you will see the Modify Access option. (For folder access, you will have the same option under Folder Options.)

Worldox email drop folders in GX4 are now automatically created based on matters that you touch in Worldox. You no longer have to create Quick Profiles in order to create them! It makes saving emails infinitely easier …

Many firms and legal departments don’t have or want dedicated I.T. resources to manage, update, maintain and train Worldox users. Worldox Complete Care (WCC) is a service offering that solves this problem. WCC is all about budgeting and reducing your costs so you can focus on other areas of your operation. Affinity’s deep talent pool of document management advisors, allows us to support your Worldox database, resolve problems before you even notice and escalate issues so you get to the right person faster. To top it off, we have a 99% up time guarantee. Complete Care Pricing is based on the number of users you have at your firm.

Managing Distractions and Workload in the 21st Century

150 emails, … 50 instant messages, … 20 telephone calls, … 15 walk-in interruptions, … 25 social media notifications, … 50 email or internet curiosity breaks, … that totals 310 digital interruptions. Divide that into 480 workday minutes and that is an interruption every 1.55 minutes! Most studies that I see indicate that the average American worker is interrupted every 2-3 minutes.

From time to time, all of us need to share Word documents or other files with clients, co-counsel, opposing counsel, or others. Sending documents as email attachments is clunky and a potential security risk. Instead, use OneDrive to share files and whole folders with clients and other collaborators.

Every November, in honor of Thanksgiving, our Affinity Partners, Consultants, and Staff suggest tech items for which they are thankful. This year we have a wide range of tech gadgets, gizmos, and services for your consideration. Next month, our December newsletter will feature tech-oriented holiday gift suggestions. Stay tuned.

Almost every year at this time, we hear many of our clients lament, “How did it get to be fourth quarter already?” The older we get, the faster time seems to fly, and for those in charge of “the books”, there is much to be done as the year draws to a close.

The business of law isn't what it used to be. The economic climate has changed. The billable hour is dying. Clients want value, and lawyers face increasing competition from customary rivals as well as emerging online DIY companies that have commoditized many of the services historically provided by traditional law firms.

That means it is time to start thinking about how to revolutionize the way you practice law.

It's time to start thinking about accomplishing more while using less resources.

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