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Due to a change in the Payment Card Industry standards (PCI), Lexis Nexis announced an update today for PCLaw users. This release is PCLaw 14.2.1 and is required for firms using PCLaw’s Payment Processing Feature with OpenEdge (f/k/a PPI) to ensure compliance. If firms do not upgrade, the OpenEdge service will not process payments.

According to the FAQs released by Lexis Nexis, OpenEdge made a change to comply with the new PCI standards. Eventually, firms that do not upgrade will not be able to process payments and will receive an error message from OpenEdge.

Lexis Nexis recommends that any client using the payment processing feature of PCLaw with OpenEdge and on PCLaw version 14 or below upgrade to 14.2.1 to remain in compliance. The upgrade to PCLaw 14.21 will support clients with either C-Tree or SQL databases. They also recommend that any client on PCLaw version 15 or above upgrade to 16.3 to remain in compliance. PCLaw 16.3 delivers an improved user experience over previous versions of PCLaw 15.x and 16.x.

However, they do NOT recommend that v14 and earlier users upgrade immediately to PCLaw 16.3. Lexis Nexis is currently focusing the next development cycle on making the transition to PCLaw 16.x seamless for v14 and earlier users and an upgrade to PCLaw 16.3 also requires a move to Microsoft SQL. For those reasons, we are not recommending that you upgrade to PCLaw 16.3 quite yet.

Only clients using OpenEdge payment processing need to upgrade to 14.2.1 to maintain PCI standards. However, PCLaw’s credit card processing features allow PCLaw users to get paid faster and more efficiently and provide a great experience for law firm clients.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance with this upgrade or any other PCLaw question. To read the full FAQs, just click here.

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