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I previously posted my initial impressions of the Sony Digital Paper e-ink document reading and management device. That was before I made my first road trips with the device and used it to prepare for and make appeal oral arguments. Since then, I've taken it on two trips from Florida to Michigan for that purpose.

No lawyer should carry a smart phone or tablet that does not have a passcode enabled. This applies to all devices regardless of operating system. To be truly useful, these devices must contain a great deal of information about us, our firms, and our clients. But because they are portable, they can be lost or stolen.

When the inevitable happens and your phone or tablet goes missing, you want to be sure your personal, firm, and client data cannot be compromised by anyone who happens to gain possession of your phone or tablet. On unecrypted phones, the passcode only locks the screen. It does not secure the information sitting in files on the device. After securing your device with a passcode, the next step is to be sure the device's contents are encrypted.

In less than a year, Tabs3/PracticeMaster versions 15.1 and 15.2 will no longer be supported. Support for those versions ends on June 1, 2015. Support for version 15.3 will continue until June 1, 2016.

Simple is better. As lawyers, we often write for a sophisticated audience. However, that does not mean that our writing should be overly complex. Any barrier our writing erects between us and our readers can inhibit persuasion. That is not good.

We write to inform and persuade. This month's tip will show you how to enable and find Word's readability statistics. You can use these statistics to measure the readability of your document.

PCLaw 13, and the soon to be released version 14, make billing by email easier than ever! They vastly improve the functionality of sending bills and statements via email. Billing by email saves your firm, time, resources and lowers the cost of maintenance on printers, toner and postage. In 2014, very few clients should have issue with receiving bills from your firm via E-Mail. In fact, if you ask your clients, this writer surmises that many would prefer to receive bills in PDF format by email alleviating the task of receiving traditional “snail mail” from your firm only to have to scan the paper in upon receipt by the client. Emailing a PDF is efficient, time-saving, and cost effective.

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