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In a recent post, we suggested that you need not settle for the often crummy wireless performance of the combo modem/router supplied by your Internet Service Provider. Have your ISP put their device into Bridge Mode (with many ISP's this will require a bit of persistence and patience) and connect your own higher-performance router to the ISP's modem/router combo. OK, so now you have great wireless performance, but lousy wireless security. How do you lock down your wireless network?

Many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) such as telephone and cable companies now provide you with an all-in-one device that is both a modem and a wireless router. That might seem very convenient, and it is, but performance and features are often several levels below what you can get with your own wireless router. If your home or office is large, or if you have a lot of users connecting simultaneously, buying your own router may substantially improve the speed and reliability of the Internet connection for all of your devices.

Since its introduction three years ago, Microsoft's subscription-based version of MS Office, Office 365, has been a good value for family use and for small businesses like law firms. But it has not been particularly well marketed.

Summer is travel season. Whether you are on the road for business of pleasure, you are likely to pack several gadgets, all of which need to be charged. This might include your cell phone, iPad, Bluetooth headset, digital camera, etc. How do you keep everything charged and ready to use?

My Sony Digital Paper device, along with my credentials to install and use the Worldox FileCloud service, arrived just as I was preparing to spend several long days reading trial transcripts in preparation for writing an appeal brief. Until now, I have been reading transcripts, typically received in or scanned to searchable PDF format, on my iPad using the excellent iAnnotate app. Annotations were made on the iPad's screen using my Wacom Bamboo stylus.

The problem is that long hours in front of any backlit LCD-type screen, including a Retina-class iPad, can induce considerable eye strain. Also, writing on the iPad's screen with even a very good capacitive stylus like the Bamboo feels unnatural and is less than ideal. Still, it is better than any other solution I've found - until now.

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