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Despite rumors of a smaller Microsoft Surface tablet to compete with the iPad Mini, Microsoft instead went upscale and decided that the Surface Pro is less like an iPad and more like the ultrabook class of laptops. The new Surface Pro 3 has a larger 12 inch screen and powerful Core i series processors from Intel. With the Surface Pro 3's optional detachable keyboard, the device competes not with Apple's iPad tablets, but with its MacBook Air laptops. This is probably a good thing.

Worldox is the leading Document Management System (DMS) for law firms. Worldox will integrate with practically any scanning system available. However, there are many few variations as to the type of integration available betweeen Worldox and your scanning system. Here is a summary of the main integration processes and examples of the devices that are used for each.

Last month, the Sony Corporation announced that it had partnered with Worldox to launch its newest digital device, known as Sony Digital Paper. The new device is not a traditional tablet or e-reader (although many tech reviews seem to mistakenly lump it into that category), but rather a digital replacement for paper.

When lawyers and law firm staff are asked about their biggest frustrations as it relates to productivity and job efficiency, managing volumes of paper is often at the top. Paper files have become problematic in today’s technologically driven law firms. People often spend hours of unproductive time filing away and then, later, looking for paper. Paper files can only be in one place at a time; there is no sharing or collaborating on a paper file; you cannot search a paper file, you can only flip paper, one page at a time.

Filing is also one of the most dreaded tasks in a law firm – and it often gets put off. So, even if you have found the file, there is a good chance the paper you need isn’t there. And then finally…what do we do with all those files once we are done with them? Space is not cheap – at your own office or at a storage facility.

If you find text formatted the way you like in a document, you can easily replicate it elsewhere using the Format Painter button in the Clipboard group on the Home ribbon.

This is particularly useful when you have some rogue paragraphs which are formatted incorrectly.

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