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Being Thankful for Fellow Mac-Loving Attorneys

Having just wrapped up a week of conferences in Florida, I’m happy to be back home in Ohio. Although, of course, it was pleasant to escape late fall temperatures and spend time in Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando, at Disney World. The first of my two conferences was mostly work, training default services law firms on case management software. But the second, MILOfest, which I mentioned in August’s column, was a fun and festive opportunity to meet with fellow Mac-loving attorneys, and learn some new tips, tricks, and software. I thought an excellent article would be to recap some of the cool things from the conference and encourage you to mark your calendars for next October.

Reduce Liability and Avoid Sanctions With Thoughtful Trust Accounting Practices

Most states and provinces require attorneys to maintain lawyer trust accounts, and those accounts, and jurisdictional regulations, come in many shapes and sizes. As a lawyer, it's your job to act as a fiduciary or virtual "trustee" of client funds, and as such, you must scrupulously follow stringent standards of good faith and transparency. While most of us associate this fiduciary obligation only with money, your duty extends to the protection of ANY client property. N1

In the Beginning

Much like Apple’s other businesses, Mac sales have grown remarkably in recent years. At first it was the “halo effect” of folks buying first an iPod and then a Mac. Then came the iPhone and the iPad,

Most Lawyers are already in the "Cloud."  If you use Gmail or online backup like Mozy, you are using cloud services.  Cloud computings benefits include low up-front costs and anywhere access.  But it comes with ethical risks.  Those risks can be managed successfully.  These tips will help you comply with the ethical rules.  

Tip 1 - Know Your Ethical Obligations

A very effective way to organize your PowerPoint slides and think through your slideshow is to create "sections" within the slide sorter view. As you can see here, section headers capture the slides that are relevant to that section.

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