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Top Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Consultants Earn Prestigious Recognition

Software Technology, LLC announced the members of the 2018 President’s Circle for Tabs3 and PracticeMaster software. President’s Circle members are selected annually based on their expertise with Tabs3 and PracticeMaster software, their strong client relationships, and their sales.

Affinity Consulting is excited to share an announcement from partner, Actionstep, who has just released their new Mobile App for iOS and Android users.

February 2018 marks Affinity Consulting Group's 4th annual Client Appreciation Month (CAM)! Through our rebranding process, we have been talking about our vision and mission as a company, and how that has evolved over the last 20 years. Through all the years, and all the changes we have faced, whether people, process or technology related, one thing has remained the same. Making clients raving fans is the most rewarding part of our job.

Affinity Consulting is proud to announce the selection of Managing Partner Debbie Foster as Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management. Fellowship in this organization is bestowed on law practice management specialists who consistently exemplify the highest professional standards and achievements.

We sometimes need that extra push to get us through the end of a work day. But who knew that listening to music can actually help?

There are many reasons why music has a place in your law office. Not only does it make you more creative and focused, it also lifts up your mood, thus making you more empathetic towards your clients and work colleagues. It also makes your mundane tasks more enjoyable and speeds up the work process.

As you know, NetDocuments keeps a log of user activity within your Cabinets, detailing who accessed, edited or saved each document - but it goes far further than that. If you select a document in the NetDocuments User Interface, and use the HISTORY command - you will see a complete list of all auditable events. However, instead of looking at these events from a document level, what if you wanted to know about the auditable events in a given period of time or related to a given user?

That is the function of the Consolidated Activity Log, and every Repository Administrator needs to be familiar with this feature, as the resulting report not only details "who did what and when," but it also logs the IP address from which the user performed the function.

This blog post "Lean Six Sigma at Your Firm: Transportation" from Debbie Foster, Manager Partner at Affinity Consulting Group, is part of a lean six sigma series from the Columbus Bar Association Blog.

Transportation is all about the movement of information or materials from one place to another. Paper files tend to be at the heart and soul of transportation waste in a law firm. It all starts when deciding whether you are going to have, or continue to have paper files, and understanding what purpose they serve in the firm. There are quite a few challenges that go along with paper files: two people cannot be looking at it at the same time, they get lost, left at home, in the car, in the conference room, etc. When we ask professionals who work in firms that rely heavily on paper files where they waste the most time, the answer is often, “looking for paper files.”

This blog post "Lean Six Sigma at Your Firm: Non-Utilized Talent" from Debbie Foster, Manager Partner at Affinity Consulting Group, is part of a lean six sigma series from the Columbus Bar Association Blog.

They say that the most valuable asset in any organization is its people. But, in many working environments, we don’t see everyone working to their highest potential. Waste is defined as any activity that does not result in moving the process toward completion, or performing tasks that do not add value to the finished product.

A great blog/site, Lawyerist, runs a regular feature describing how various lawyers get their work done. Affinity Partner Barron Henley was interviewed for the most recent installment. This is your chance to see a photo of Barron's office and learn that he hates working in coffee shops.

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