There has been a lot of grumbling by Microsoft loyalists that a touch-enabled version of Office came first to iOS and Android devices. What about tablets and phones running Windows?

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The Sony hack is the top tech news story of 2014, but will we learn anything from it? My bet is no.

The complete fallout from the recent Sony hacking scandal is not yet known. Stolen data continues to be released by the hackers with each new week further embarrassing Sony and many of those who do business with the media/tech giant. There are many lessons for law firms in the Sony hacking scandal.

The cheap Asus X205TA is far from the only really cheap Windows laptop presenting a challenge to similarly-priced Chromebooks (which I am partial to in this price range for their reliability and security). HP has its Stream 11 and Stream 13 models availble (when not on sale) for $200 and $230, respectively.

This is BIG NEWS! Microsoft announced today that they will up the amount of OneDrive cloud storage for all Office 365 subscribers well past the current (and very generous) 1 TB cap to, well . . . to no cap at all. Yes, from now on, OneDrive storage will be unlimited for all Office 365 subscribers.

I've often wondered why phones can get as large as tablets (the awkwardly named "phablet") and combine the functions of both devices, yet small tablets (iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, for example) lack a phone function.

I wonder no more.

Since its introduction three years ago, Microsoft's subscription-based version of MS Office, Office 365, has been a good value for family use and for small businesses like law firms. But it has not been particularly well marketed.

Despite rumors of a smaller Microsoft Surface tablet to compete with the iPad Mini, Microsoft instead went upscale and decided that the Surface Pro is less like an iPad and more like the ultrabook class of laptops. The new Surface Pro 3 has a larger 12 inch screen and powerful Core i series processors from Intel. With the Surface Pro 3's optional detachable keyboard, the device competes not with Apple's iPad tablets, but with its MacBook Air laptops. This is probably a good thing.

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