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Dragon has been the leading name in speech recognition technology for decades. Some of us who have been around a while started using their original product, DragonDictate, in the early 90’s. The current Dragon products are light years ahead of the early versions.

At its most basic level, Dragon’s speech recognition software lets users talk to their computers and have the text appear on screen in editable format, such as a Microsoft Word document or an Outlook email message. Nearly everyone can speak faster than they can type. The results are magical – not to mention a huge boost to productivity. At its more robust level, you can really automate tasks and redundant text with custom commands.

For years, there has been a large price gap between the consumer (Home and Premium) and business (Legal and Professional) editions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The consumer versions were often $150 or less and worked fine for casual home use. The business editions were $500 and up.

This gap presented a quandary for solo and small firm attorneys and legal staff. While they could benefit significantly from the added features of the Legal or Professional editions, they were reluctant to spend five or more times more than the cost of the consumer edition to get those features.

In today's world, the average person is quite adept at typing on a computer keyboard. Because of this, many lawyers have done away with the art of dictation, opting instead to type their own documents and emails. What is often not taken into account is the speed and efficiency of using voice over typing. No matter how good a typist you are,you can always speak faster.

If you are not a regular podcast listener, you are missing important information to use in your law practice. There are many fine legal technology podcasts, including The Digital Edge on the Legal Talk Network. Affinity Partner Britt Lorish recently appeared with The Digital Edge co-hosts Sharon D. Nelson and Jim Calloway to talk about advances in dictation and speech recogntion technology for lawyers. You can download and listen to the podcast here.


Speech Technology Specialist Phil Metcalf, who was at ABA TECHSHOW at the end of March with Nuance, reflects on what users are now saying about the mobile versions of Dragon software - including those that are FREE!


I have talked to hundreds of people over the last 4 years about their experiences—both good and bad—of using Dragon Naturally Speaking in their legal and medical work. Here are 4 myths I have collected about working with Dragon.


The Law Office of J. Emory Wood, P.A. in St. Petersburg, FL, is a four-attorney firm with a civil trial practice in the Tampa Bay area. The firm contacted Affinity Consulting Group for help in making their dictation workflow more efficient. Working with Affinity consultant Phil Metcalf of our Roanoke, VA office, the firm was able to implement a system that allows staff member Julie Parmerlee to handle transcribed dictation from three attorneys.

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