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Speech Technology Specialist Phil Metcalf, who was at ABA TECHSHOW at the end of March with Nuance, reflects on what users are now saying about the mobile versions of Dragon software - including those that are FREE!

2012 marked my third year to attend ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago and hang out in the Nuance Booth and talk to people about using Dragon in law firms. I was really surprised that several people stood in line to talk to me about how they decided to use Dragon to do their legal dictation.

Once of the themes that emerged early in the conversation is that several people had begun using one of the Free Dragon Apps on the Apple App Store that are available to run on the iPhone and the iPad. This idea first came up at my first ABA TECHSHOW in 2010 and at the time it was real pie-in-the-sky stuff. The iPhone was still relatively new and the apps were not there yet.

The free app they all said to start with is Dragon Dictation which allows you to dictate a minute's worth of text, send it to Nuance for transcription, which usually returns it instantly as text. You can then Email, Copy or SMS the text or post it to Facebook or Twitter. It will give you a very good sense of how good Dragon has gotten in the last few years. Its important to note that the software may make a mistake here and there from time to time since you are not using a trained Dragon dictation profile.

Another free app is Dragon Microphone, which turns the iPhone or iPad into a Wi-Fi microphone for dictating live into Dragon on your PC (assuming you have Dragon 11.5 installed.) This takes a little more configuration work on your PC and on the iPhone but it works very well and I now use it all the time to dictate emails and short demo documents.

The last free app I'll mention is Dragon Recorder, which turns your iPhone into a Digital Recorder. More on that app next time.

So if you want to see how much better Dragon is today compared with a few years ago and how it can work with the iPhone or iPad, give me a call and I'll show you what it can do.

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