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Affinity Consulting Group (Affinity), which specializes in strategic technology and management solutions for law firms and legal departments of all sizes, today announced the availability of its YourExecutive management consulting program for law firms in need of flexible management solutions pertaining to law firm strategy, operations, finance and information technology.

YourExecutive alleviates law firms of the hassle and expense of recruiting and securing executive level talent when they may not be financially or operationally ready to do so. Whether the goal is firm growth, increased productivity, or re-assessing existing policies and procedures, Affinity's YourExecutive team will leverage its extensive law firm management and technology consulting experience to deliver desired results.

While the initial YourExecutive concept was designed for firms lacking executive level leadership and experience, the program's various solution options make it attractive for firms of all sizes and diverse management structures. With more than 40 technologists and management consultants, including 7 partners with a collective 135 years of legal experience, law firms can tap into a broad spectrum of subject matter expertise and diverse experience spanning strategic business & management assessments; legal technology audits including solution selection and implementation; litigation support and trial preparedness; and in-house training as well as professional development.

YourExecutive's core focus however is on the business and management-end of running a law firm. "We are often confronted with 'we really don't know what's wrong but we should be more efficient ...' arguments from law firms whose intentions are good, but who just don't know where to begin with fixing management and operations issues," stated Debbie Foster, managing partner of Affinity's Tampa office, and primary champion of the YourExecutive initiative.

"Once we work with the firm's leaders on identifying the true kinks in the process and show them how profitable (or not) they are, the value of a fresh, outside perspective that YourExecutive provides, is quickly realized"

"We have been working with law firms for decades on helping them identify and address operational, managerial and technological challenges that are in some shape or form negatively affecting their productivity and ultimate ability to deliver first class client service,"

stated Liz Lamar, JD and lead management consultant for the new YourExecutive initiative.

"YourExecutive lets firms pick and choose the type of executive-level advice and guidance they need without getting locked into complicated long term contracts or consulting arrangements."

YourExecutive's primary areas of focus include:

Strategic Management:

Ranges from process and workflow review to strategic planning and development to implementation of balance scorecards as well as Lean Six Sigma and Legal Project Management principles;

Operations Management:

Includes review of firm policies, development of standard operating procedures, organizational and personnel structure reviews, and tools designed to measure performance;

Information Technology Management:

Ranges from technology audits to software and hardware implementations to technology evaluation and selection as well as IT budgeting and custom legal technology training;

Financial Management:

Includes fiscal reporting and record keeping, financial management and cash flow audits, profitability analyses as well as reviews of firm billing and collections policies and procedures.

"At the end of the day, firms don't know what they don't know, so a fresh outside perspective can do wonders to re-energize their 'business as usual' approach and thought process ... that's where YourExecutive enters the equation,"

concluded Debbie Foster.

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