Accounting & Billing Health Check

The overall health of your firm’s financial system is critical to the well-being and cash flow of the business. By making sure everything is running optimally and spotting minor issues before they become big problems, you ensure the accuracy of reporting, taxes and much more. You also reduce headaches and wasted time. For that reason, we recommend regular review of all key billing & accounting functions.The Affinity Time, Billing & Accounting (aka TBA) Health Check is designed to gather in-depth information about your current system status and the needs of key people in your firm, from the management team, partners and of course, the accounting and billing department. By reviewing with your team the current processes in place, we determine where there may be room for improvement and gained efficiencies, including a constant focus on checks and balances.

Affinity offers two TBA Health Check Packages to help our firms manage their books more effectively. One specifically focuses on Year End planning and preparation, while the other is more all-encompassing. Below are examples of items reviewed in each offering:

Year-End TBA Health Check Accounting & Billing TBA Health Check
  • Review of aged AR & WIP including client cost advance balances
  • Trust accounting compliance

  • Review of bank reconciliations and stale items
  • Meaningful reporting: reducing manual data manipulation in Excel
  • Financial statement review including
    GL classification errors
    and budgeting
  • Identifying issues potentially impacting your firm’s financial statements and budgeting
  • Vendor 1099 review
  • Confirming adequate checks and balances
  • Unallocated payment and credit balance review
  • Efficiency gains using features such as emailing bills, mobility features, etc.
  • Payroll YTD data review
  • Modernizing billing templates
  • Trust account review including age of balances
  • Review potential areas for improving cash flow including aged AR and WIP
  • Budgeting

  • Determining if software in use is configured for maximum benefit

After the review, you will receive a comprehensive report of our findings, and recommended next steps which we will review with you real time via 30 minute follow up conference.

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