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Chromebooks are cheap and highly secure. That makes them great travel companions for lawyers or anyone else concerned about confidentiality. Doing things using Chrome's browser-based operating system is usually straightforward, but there is no reason you can't make it less ""browser-like" by turning web sites into apps. A recent TechRepublic blog post describes how to do this.

According to Jack Wallen of TechRepublic, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the site you want to add as an "app"

2. Click the menu button in Chrome (three horizontal lines)

3. Click More Tools | Add to shelf...

4. Give the "app" a name

5 Check to enable Open as window

6. Click Add

Which web sites would a lawyer want to turn into an app? Basically any site your visit regularly where you want to work without all browser clutter taking up space. For example, if you do legal research on Lexis (or Westlaw or any other Web-based database like Fastcase or Casemaker), removing the browser clutter (address bar, bookmarks, etc.) can help your focus on the task at hand.

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