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This year, we’re showing our gratitude by making September Client Appreciation Month. Our clients are the life lines to our company, and the same is true for your firm. Often times, customer appreciation takes a back seat to the day to day operations of a company. Dedicating an entire month to you, our clients, enables us to re-engage and show you how seriously we take our relationship: like Facebook Official, seriously.

Customer appreciation must be part of the entire company’s culture, a core value in which everyone commits to honor and uphold. We are constantly interacting with our clients, that’s our business. We advise, support, train, speak, analyze and recommend all day long. I think the difference between having clients and having relationships with clients, is meaningful conversations and engagements. We avoid generic communication at all costs. Tailored communication is simple when we are actively consulting. But outside of that, we do a number of other reaches. We provide three newsletters packed with recommendations that you can implement immediately. Surveys are used to gather information like business goals and technology pain points. We review survey results prior to consultations, respecting your time and enabling us to provide tailored solutions and action plans to reach those goals. We keep up to speed on ever changing software industry and are committed to communicating those to you, and more importantly, explaining how those changes will affect you.

Every year, our Client Appreciation Month evolves and we get a bit more creative. Last year we celebrated in February and played off of the love that only Hallmark, I mean Valentine’s Day, delivers. We sent cards to our clients, delivered donuts to local businesses, and gifted some of our favorite tech-gear like Fujitsu ScanSnaps, iPads and Kindles. We sent coffee gift cards so people could enjoy a Cup O’ Joe on us. This year promises to be even more engaging with client happy hours, more prizes, improved surveys and webinars hosted by our very favorite industry leaders.

So what does this September look like for you? Survey results from last year indicated an overwhelming need for training. So we have made Affinity University free to our clients! And if you aren’t our client, let's change that together! Reach out to me and I will set you up. Isn't it time you had access to expert training and advice? Plus, you just read what good care we show to our clients, it’s about time you got in on the action.

Based on our newsletter clicks, Word Tips are the greatest thing since double stuffed Oreos (sliced bread is great, but come on). So we are hosting a Word Webinar called, Ask The Expert- Barron Henley Edition! Register here!

I am personally challenging myself to do something extra for at least one client each day in September to show my gratitude. Simple things matter: a hand written note, a gift card, a bundle of flowers to a firm administrator you could tell was having one of those weeks- those are meaningful interactions that people remember.

If you want to chat about how you might initiate a client appreciation system at your firm, or if you'd like to share new ideas with me please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you are one of our clients, THANK YOU! We don’t say it enough. If you are not a client, I would love to meet you.

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