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If you're like most Worldox clients, you've got your staff's delete functionality set so that they will not actually delete a file, but rather when they hit the "X" on the toolbar to delete a file, instead they're actually moving the file to the Worldox Salvage Bin.

Think of the Worldox Salvage Bin as a holding tank for documents that are set to be deleted, but not actually deleted. Normally, if you have rights to do so, you can search the salvage bin by editing your search template by selecting the "SEARCH WHAT" button (usually below your cabinet fields) and selecting Salvage Bin. Alternatively, if you have rights to do so, you can browse to the Salvage Bin.

A problem often occurs when your system is not set to "PURGE" files in the Salvage Bin on a regular basis. You can, of course, purge the Salvage Bin manually from the Worldox Admin program manually,

or better yet, you can set up an automatic Salvage Bin purge by going to the Worldox Indexer panel and setting up an automated PURGE task based on how many days a file has been in the Salvage Bin. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log onto the Worldox Indexer and bring up the Indexer Program (GX3/GX4) or the Indexer Panel (GX4-Indexer as a Service).
  2. In the Indexer Dialog, select Scheduler from the SERVER pull down menu. Select Edit > Schedule. This opens the Scheduled Events dialog.
  3. In the Event Pull Down - select "Run Salvage Purge";
  4. Select how long a document will "live" in the Salvage Bin before it is purged (often times firms choose 90 or 120 days);
  5. Select "when" the purge should take place and then click OK.

Once set, the scheduler will purge documents that have lived in the Salvage Bin for a certain period of time (that you set) and ultimately save room on your hard drive. Not purging the Salvage Bin regularly could cause you to run out of room on a hard drive by holding on to documents and files that were intended to be deleted forever.

For more information on scheduling automatic tasks or other Worldox features, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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