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We know that Word's find and replace function can be used to replace words and phrases. It can also be used to replace non-printing special characters that may find their way into your document and alter the formatting.

In order to find and replace special characters, use the Replace keyboard shortcut, CTRL+H to bring up the dialog box. You will see a More button. Click it or press ALT+M to reveal your Search Options. At the bottom under Replace will be a Special button. Click on it or press ALT+E.

Larger data sets tend to have duplicate content. You might be copying information form multiple lists or speadsheets and want to remove any duplicate content. In situations like this, removing the duplicates comes in quite handy.

To remove your duplicates, go to the Data tab, and select "Remove Duplicates" (under Tools). A pop-up will appear to confirm which data you want to work with. Select the data set and select "Remove Duplicates" and you're good to go. This will remove duplicates for the data set you selected. For example, if you have a list of names and email addresses, you can remove duplicate email addresses to organize you list. our resulting list will have only unique names without any duplicates.

How can I see all the formulas in a speadsheet in Microsoft Excel?

Do you find yourself opening an old spreadsheet or a spreadsheet created by someone else? You look at the document and can't figure out what is data and what the formulas that are being used?

This month, join Ronny Loew, National Sales Director from Procirrus Technologies as he delivers his 5 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Hosting Partner.

In choosing the best hosting partner for your firm, the question used to be whether to go to the cloud. Now, it is deciding which cloud. Hear the five most important questions your firm needs to ask when selecting your cloud hosting partner.

Technology: Is it Serving You, or are You Serving it? Own your technology – Don’t let it own you!

In this three-part series starting in March, learn how to manage your daily tasks and how technology can help you to improve client communication and achieve your professional goals. Enhance your time management and technology skills to regain control of your law practice… and your life. Learn the pathway to a productive, more paperless law practice. Most lawyers and legal professionals feel they are being overrun with paper, and ironically, the more paper lawyers have, the harder it is to find what they’re looking for. Let Affinity Partner, Paul J. Unger help you tame the digital chaos!

A huge part of using Word in a law office involves selecting words, sentences, and paragraphs to copy, move, delete, or format. You can drag your mouse over the text you want to select. Or you can skip the time-consuming and not always precise mouse pointer dragging process and just click.

How do you fill in data automatically in Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel features many different time saving tricks. One of the best and often overlooked tricks in Microsoft Excel is the "AutoFill" feature.

Easily and Quickly create a horizontal line in Microsoft Word.

Sometimes when you are creating a document in Microsoft Word, you need a full horizontal line on the page. Word has a quick and easy way to add a full width horizontal line to your document:

Press the hyphen key “-" three times and press enter. This will create a horizontal line in your document.

Did you know you can start a slide show right away by renaming your PowerPoint file? This will eliminate opening your presentation and looking for the little slide show icon.

Open your PowerPoint Presentation. Next, click ""File - Save As" and scoll until you find .PPS (or .PPSX) file extension. This makes your presentation a PowerPoint Show only and you can save it to your desktop or any folder. Then justopen the new filek on it goes right into presentation mode, not PowerPoint editing mode. Click Esc to exit the slideshow.

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