Achieve Next-Level ROI with Complete Care

Legal software is no small investment. Our subscription service, Affinity Complete Care (ACC), was designed with one goal in mind: to help our clients maximize their technology investments. For one predictable, transparent monthly subscription fee, ACC clients enjoy access to exceptional post-implementation support and comprehensive, ongoing end-user software training.

At the heart of the ACC program are our Client Relationship Managers, who serve as single points of contact for each of our ACC clients and coordinate all technical support and training. As an ACC subscriber, you’ll meet regularly with your CRM to review database analysis reports and ticket trends. Your CRM will also work with you to develop a custom training curriculum for your users, including issue- and workflow-specific training sessions, lunch-and-learns, and live Q&A sessions with Affinity software experts. This program ensures that your users are always aware of the latest product features and trained to use them in their day-to-day work. In addition to this custom training program, your ACC subscription includes access for everyone in your firm to our complete library of online, on-demand training courses through Affinity Insight.

The ACC program is a product of our team’s deep experience in legal software implementation, and reflects decades of lessons learned building highly beneficial partnerships with our clients. This new way of working with Affinity enables you to budget both your funds and your timeā€”to continuously improve the way you use your software.