Automate Your Documents

Automating complex legal documents has a steep learning curve. Let us do the work for you and reap the benefits without having to take significant time away from your practice.

Our Process

Software Selection

If you know you want to automate your templates, but you aren’t sure which software is right for you, we can help. From Word mail merging and fillable forms to complex automation using software specifically designed for document automation, we’ll walk you through it all and help you decide on what will work best for you. Software selection assistance typically takes several hours, depending on the number of programs we demo.


We work with you to markup your documents via online meeting. You’ll explain to us how your language changes based on your fact pattern. Depending on the number of documents to be automated, markup typically takes 1-4 hours of your time.

Build in the Power of Word

We rebuild your templates from the ground up, building in the power of Microsoft Word and eliminating any formatting issues. Even if your documents were formatted beautifully prior to automation, we build them from the ground up to ensure that there are no hidden formatting issues that may present themselves during the automation process. As a result, custom drafting becomes painless.


We consolidate your documents so that there is less to maintain. If you have multiple versions of a document (for example, a Will for a single person and a Will for a married couple), we’ll combine those into a single Will.


We’ll build the questionnaire and add all of the code to the document. During the automation process, questions will often arise that weren’t addressed during markup. We’ll contact you by email or schedule phone conferences with you to discuss how to proceed.

Delivery and Training

Once an initial draft of your automated templates are complete, you’ll receive a copy to start testing. We’ll train you on how to use the questionnaire and how to easily add custom drafting.


After you begin using your templates, there will be changes you’ll want to make. There will be fact patterns you want to add and statutory changes down the road. We can train you on how to make the changes yourself, or you can engage us to make the changes.