2020 Resolutions: It’s Not Too Late to CRUSH Your Goals

2020 Resolutions: It's Not Too Late to CRUSH Your Goals

Apr 15, 202011:30am EDT30 minutes

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The success of your firm, your finances, your health or any other area of life will ultimately depend on how strong your goal setting process is. Having goals is important, but what can we do to ensure that we stay focused on our goals, and that we can track and measure our success? Having a clear vision for what success looks like as well as identifying obstacles and roadblocks are just a few of the topics discussed in this A to Z road map for goal achievement.

Kelly Moser, Certified High Performance Coach, Speaker, Solutions Provider and Founder and CEO of The Moser Movement, will continue our Client Appreciation Month Webinar Series as a guest speaker in this second of three sessions added in celebration of YOU.

If you are ready to grow or strengthen your firm, take your team to the next level, or to simply focus on personal growth goals, please join us to learn more about a simple, step by step process for achieving your goals.


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