Disaster Avoidance and Recovery Planning

February 2, 2022  1:00 PM Eastern Time

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Wildfires, tornados, hurricanes, and, of course, pandemics – it feels like we’ve seen more than our share of disasters in recent years. Losing client data can cripple your firm and lead to malpractice claims, among other unpleasant things. Planning ahead for unforeseen disasters eases your stress and prepares your firm for anything.

Join Affinity Senior Consultant Jeffrey Schoenberger as he describes the elements your disaster avoidance and recovery plan requires and lays out the options for satisfying them. From creating backup rules to establishing responsibilities in your office, learn all the steps and technology you need to build a rock-solid system that will keep you up and running or permit a quick recovery from worst-case scenarios.

Register for this free webinar.


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