Gold Standard Templates: Game-changing Document Creation

June 21, 2022  1:00 PM Eastern Time

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Gold Standard Templates™ save time and improve drafting accuracy. With Gold Standard Templates, documents take less time to draft, accuracy increases, new hires learn faster from an excellent teaching tool, and by improving and cultivating shared templates, you raise the bar for everyone in your office. In a nutshell, Gold Standard Templates are model documents in which the formatting works perfectly, changeable text is consistently identified, and all optional provisions are included and annotated.

Join nationally recognized speaker and expert in law practice automation and Affinity Partner Barron K. Henley for this important session where you’ll learn:

  • How Gold Standard Templates can dramatically improve your document drafting process and reduce errors,
  • How to create your own Gold Standard Templates using Microsoft Word, and
  • How to use and maintain your Gold Standard Templates for optimal accuracy and efficiency.

Register for this free webinar.

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