Mapping Corporate Legal Processes and Implementing for Success

Mapping Corporate Legal Processes and Implementing for Success

Aug 29, 20192:00pm EDT30 minutes

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Without the proper tools and processes, legal departments struggle to handle high volumes of work, getting caught in a ‘reactive mode’ that’s inefficient and ineffective. Often, the first step on the path to process improvement is gaining a firm understanding of how you do things today.

Join this 30-minute Webinar to learn about powerful tools and techniques you can use to better visualize and improve the work your corporate legal team and outside counsel performs.

During the session, Affinity Managing Partner Debbie Foster and mercanix CEO Mike Tobias will discuss and demonstrate how to map out a legal matter from the highest level, identify process gaps, bottlenecks and pain points and identify opportunities for optimization and automation.

Learn how you can:
• Identify quick wins to deliver low-cost/high-impact improvements
• Select targets for improvement
• Translate your insights into action

Join us and take the next step towards getting the MOST out of your people, processes and technology and become more proactive and efficient!


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