Metadata Cleaning – An Essential Add-on to Your DMS

Metadata Cleaning - An Essential Add-on to Your DMS

Jun 25, 20201:00pm EDT30 minutes

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Metadata?! Sound like science fiction? It's not. Metadata is the background data about your data - and in the legal industry it can often contain confidential information that must be cleaned or it may cost you your reputation, your livelihood and your license!

Join Affinity metadata expert and Senior Consultant Ted Kriss for this critical session when we will focus on not only the importance of metadata cleaning, but also the "how to" of metadata cleaning. This will be an informative session, designed for all firms to help legal professionals understand the importance of this essential part of doing business in the digital age.

Here's what Ted will be covering:
• Overview of why you need a metadata cleaner
• How an individual user deploys metadata cleaners like CleanDocs
• Best practices for organizations to incorporate metadata cleaners and require compliance from their users


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