Members Only Law Firm? Is recurring revenue right for you and your clients?

Jan 24, 20191:00pm EST30 minutes

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Subscription-based businesses are popping up everywhere - socks, razors, dinner, entertainment - the list goes on. Law firms have traditionally billed their clients hourly, but could your clients benefit from a subscription-type model instead? Join Affinity Partner Steven J. Best as he explores subscription legal services and member only privileges as a possible new revenue model for the legal industry.

Attend this webinar and you'll:
- better understand subscription-based revenue structures.
- learn what a monthly legal fee subscription might look like.
- discuss benefits and pitfalls of adopting a new revenue model.
- ask and answer 3 important before making a change.

Join Steve to analyze and consider if changing or adding to your current revenue structure will benefit your clients and allow your law firm to streamline your revenue and make a great profit in 2019.

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