You Put the Data In, Now Get It Back Out — Saved Searches and Print Lists in NetDocuments

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Document management systems make managing client and case information efficient and safe. But, once you get your critical documents into your DMS, you must be able to find and use that information just as efficiently and securely.

Join Affinity Document Management Consultants Drew Tompkins and Michelle Willette as they explore the benefits of NetDocuments’ saved searches and how you can use them to build custom reporting solutions for the reports you routinely access. Additionally, they will touch on the print list(s) feature in NetDocuments, highlighting another means to create reports with your data.

Drew and Michelle will teach attendees how to:

  • Dynamically create groups of documents
  • Build useful collections of documents
  • Improve efficiency of daily workflows
  • Print a list of documents, or generate an Excel spreadsheet listing documents from a search result or from matter folder

CLICK HERE  for access to this on demand webinar.

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