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World Software Corporation announced significant enhancements to their Worldox Web Mobile solution at this year’s ILTA conference. Together, in a growing partnership with Workshare, Worldox Web Mobile has been upgraded and rebranded to Worldox Connect. Some exciting features are available in this new product.

Traditionally, Worldox Web Mobile has been a stand-alone offering that provides firms the ability to access their documents while on the go via an iPad, iPhone or any web enabled browser. World Software and Workshare have collaborated to make this offering one that’s hard to refuse.

As part of the Worldox Connect package, firms will now receive their traditional Worldox Web Mobile product along with Workshare Compare® & Workshare Protect.

Here are some highlighted benefits of switching to Worldox Connect.

  • Share - Effortlessly share your content via secure link instead of attachment.
  • Sync - Synchronize your important Worldox files and matters for on-the-go access on any mobile device. Full versioning of changed documents is supported.
  • Secure - Protect your outbound content by automatically removing sensitive metadata and comments.
  • Collaborate - Collaborate with your clients on shared documents for a more efficient review cycle
  • Protect - Add Digital Rights Management to outbound content restricting recipients from printing, sharing, or text scraping from documents.
  • Manage - Mobile Application Management (MAM) capabilities allow the remote wipe of sensitive firm data from any connected mobile device.
  • Audit - Full auditing of activity for security and compliance purposes.
  • Convert - Automatically combine attachments into a PDF including conversion to PDF/A and other formats.

So far, World Software Corporation has announced the following information in regard to pricing and product availability.

  • Worldox Connect will only integrate with Worldox GX4.
  • Worldox GX3 users can purchase Worldox Connect for Worldox Web Mobile. However, the Workshare integration piece will not work.
  • The price for the solution is $20 per user per month if paid quarterly, or $17 per user per month if paid annually.
  • Current Web Mobile users can switch to Worldox Connect and lower their current Web Mobile pricing.
  • Currently unavailable for Worldox Cloud or Enterprise customers.

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