Aaron Street

Chief Financial Officer

Adam Ringel | Affinity Consulting Group

Adam Ringel, Esq.

Senior Consultant

Alex Palzewicz | Affinity Consulting Group

Alex Palzewicz


Alexandra Furr


Alison Wendell

Senior Consultant

Amy Grubb

Business Coach - Lawyerist

Aparna Tutak | Affinity Consulting Group

Aparna Tutak

Senior Account Executive - Enterprise

Art Roehrenbeck

Chief Information Officer

Ayah Islambouli

Associate Consultant

Barbara Schucker

Office Manager

Brandy Osland

Salesforce Team Coordinator

Brian D. Mark, Esq.

Senior Data Engineer

Brittani Murray

Project Coordinator

Bryce Phillips | Affinity Consulting Group

Bryce Phillips

Senior Consultant

Carissa Health | Affinity Consulting

Carissa Heath

Regional Account Manager

Carla Anderson

Enterprise Project Analyst

Chelsea Schuster

Business Operations Coordinator

Chris Giles


Christopher Martz

Senior Consultant

Crayola Bolger

Project Coordinator

Dan Arntsen Client Success Manager | Affinity Consulting Group

Dan Arntsen

Strategic Relationship Manager

Danielle DavisRoe, Esq.

Senior Consultant

David Buccino

Associate Consultant

Debbie Foster

Chief Executive Officer

Deleann (Del) Depew

Director of Internal Operations

Drew Tompkins | Affinity Consulting Group

Drew Tompkins

Solutions Specialist

Erica Fujimoto | Affinity Consulting Group

Erica Fujimoto

Director of Enterprise Consulting

Greg Bray | Affinity Consulting Group

Gregory Bray

Director of Document Management

Ishaan Kapoor

Data Specialist and Developer

Jeff Krause | Affinity Consulting Group

Jeff Krause, Esq.

Senior Consultant

Jeff Stouse | Affinity Consulting

Jeff Stouse

Senior Consultant

Jeffrey Schoenberger, Esq.

Senior Consultant

Jennifer M. Ramovs, Esq.

Director of Practice Management

Jennifer Whigham

Lawyerist Lab Director

John Federico | Affinity Consulting Group

John Federico, Esq.

Senior Consultant

Jordyn Castillo

Implementation Manager

Karen Scher | Affinity Consulting Group

Karen Scher

Events Manager

Kathy Eichenbaum

YourBooks Consultant

Kathy Powell

Director of Human Resources & Administration

Katie Ryder

Lawyerist Partnerships Manager

Keith Reinert

Senior Consultant

Kevin Payne | Affinity Consulting

Kevin Payne


Kevin Wade | Affinity Consulting Group

Kevin Wade

Senior Data Engineer

Kyle Harrington

Lawyerist Content Manager

Leticia DeSuze

Business Coach

Lisa Sprague | Affinity Consulting Group

Lisa Sprague

Senior Consultant

Maria Shust

Senior Consultant

Mateo Camero

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Matthew Boyd

Data Analyst

Megan Clements


Melissa Gordon

Project Manager

Michelle Lindberg

Associate Consultant

Michelle Motyka

Business Process Maestro

Michelle Willette


Mike Johnston

Senior Account Executive - Enterprise

Nick Potter

DMS Consultant

Paige Atkins

HR People and Performance Manager

Patty Ault

Regional Account Manager

Paul Purdue

Regional Account Manager

Rob Brockman

Affinity Partner Alliance Manager

Robin Carberry

Professional Development Coach

Russell Duncan | Affinity Consulting Group

Russell Duncan

Senior Consultant

Ryan Dietzman | Affinity Consulting

Ryan Dietzman

Lead Developer

Sam Aalvik


Sandy Lerick

Associate Consultant

Sara Shew | Affinity Consulting Group

Sara Deon

Client Experience Manager

Sara Muender

Business Coach - Lawyerist

Stacy Devlin

Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Everett

Chief Executive Officer - Lawyerist

Steven Algarotti

Internal Operations Support Specialist

Tara Bartlett

Marketing Manager

Tarin Ferrill | Affinity Consulting Group

Tarin Ferrill

Enablement Lead

Ted Kriss

Senior Client Relationship Manager

Tina Marchiano

Associate Consultant

Whitney Winch | Affinity Consulting Group

Whitney Winch

Revenue Operations Manager

Will McCoy


William Anoh

Information Technology Coordinator

Wray Withers | Affinity Consulting Group

Wray Withers

Director of Client Service

Yvette Bovey


Zack Glaser

Legal Tech Advisor