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If you work with documents all day, nothing will bring you greater accuracy, efficiency or customer satisfaction than document automation technology.

  • Eliminate Errors
  • No more re-inventing the wheel
  • Improve Your Knowledge Base

Document automation and assembly software gives you the tools to transform any word processor file or PDF form into an interactive, rule-based template, allowing you to generate customized documents quickly, and accurately.

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Work with the Industry Standard: HotDocs

Isn’t it time you took advantage of the standard in document automation? You need your time back - document automation is the answer. Affinity Consulting is one of three Platinum Partners of the leading document automation software: HotDocs.

Why HotDocs? Upon assembling a template, HotDocs presents you with a series of questions in a dynamic interview. The interview gathers all of the necessary information, and uses your answers to generate the final document. A well designed HotDocs template can change gender references, update verb tenses, automatically compute values and even determine what text to include or exclude, all based upon how you answer the questions. In a matter of minutes you can produce complete, polished, customized documents, simply by answering a series of relevant questions.

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Automate the Documents You Need

You know you want to move to automated templates, but you don’t know how. We can help. Our consultants can develop custom templates based on your practice in HotDocs, Microsoft Word, custom Adobe forms and more. We can also teach you how to maintain these templates, or provide ongoing support. Contact us to hear more about:

  • Template Development
  • Personalized Training
  • Implementations

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Don’t let geography hold you back

Is your practice, or team, located in many locations? Do you prefer web-based systems? Could your clients fill out necessary information online? Document Automation is not limited to your PC. HotDocs Server enables you to deploy and assemble templates via the internet..

  • deliver interactive templates via JavaScript or Silverlight
  • deploy templates to a distributed user base
  • assemble templates and download completed documents from anywhere

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As a Platinum Partner, we can provide you access to the software tools you need to keep your practice at maximum efficiency.

Visit our store to purchase:

  • HotDocs Upgrades
  • HotDocs User
  • HotDocs Developer

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