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Worldox® continues its expansion in the global document management system (DMS) market, reporting abundant sales activity in emerging technology markets such as Northern Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

A few months ago, Affinity Partner Jeffrey Krause described several tips and tricks for using NetDocuments on a Mac. He promised to tell us more about the integration between NetDocs and Gmail. Now it's time to catch up with him again!

Backups! ... everyone knows they should have one, but do you have your backup configured properly?

World Software Corporation announced that Worldox, the company’s award-winning document and email management system, has been recognized in the ILTA 2017 Technology Survey for excellence and popularity and several categories.

Often times, we want to create a Word or PDF document that lists and serves as a hyperlink to all the relevant documents that are saved in NetDocs. Examples of this include pleading indexes, a correspondence index, or a closing binder. In other words, the documents are saved in NetDocs but we want to launch them from a Word or PDF document summary or list.

World Software has released a new security feature in Worldox GX4. You now have the ability to require a password when a user launches their Worldox program. This effectively provides two factor authentication with the first being the login to your computer and the second being the password to login to Worldox.

Can you believe the holidays are upon us?! Sometimes things can be a bit slower around the holidays. That is a great time to look under the hood and see how to give some of your software and processes a tune-up. It is also a great time to conduct a review and roll out needed training. It is a good idea to do this with your software every year or two so you can maximize your investment and retrain your team about not only how to use the program, but also remind folks about important protocols within your firm. How many times have you purchased a software program just to find that a year or two later people aren't using it as everyone had hoped? Everyone has good intentions, but there are features of the program never touched or perhaps now there are even "messes" within Worldox that need to be cleaned up.

Wouldn't it be nice to be one click away from all the documents in all your cases/matters? With the latest improvements to NetDocuments, it is now even easier.

What is the Worldox Salvage Bin? The Salvage Bin is a temporary location within Worldox that is used to store deleted files. By using the Salvage Bin, it enables file restoration if desired, much like the Recycle Bin in Windows.

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