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Worldox is the leading Document Management System (DMS) for law firms. Worldox will integrate with practically any scanning system available. However, there are many few variations as to the type of integration available betweeen Worldox and your scanning system. Here is a summary of the main integration processes and examples of the devices that are used for each.

Network Folder Integration [Most MFPs]

This option is the most common integration, and is used for most MPFs (high speed printer/copier/scanner). We direct the scanned images from the scanner to be saved directly to a network folder, usually by setting up an Address Book destination called "Worldox" that users select at the scanner.

Once the user had scanned their document, they return to their workstation and open Worldox, then click a "SCANS" button located on the bookmark bar (via a global folder shortcut) that takes the user directly to the scanned folder. The user then moves (via the Worldox MOVE command) the document into a Worldox PG.

Hook Integration [Desktop Scanners]

This integration requires that the scanner be directly connected to the workstation where the Worldox client program is running. The user scans the document through the scanner, and then the scanned image is saved directly to Worldox via a Worldox hook (in case you didn't know, hook is the Worldox name we give to the window that pops up over a native save dialog and forces the document to save to Worldox).

This can be done by setting the desktop scanner to scan directly to a PDF Viewing or Editing program (such as Adobe), whereupon the user executes a SAVE AS function that will then force the document to be saved to Worldox. Scanners like the Fujitsu Scansnap have direct hook integration to Worldox so that the document goes directly to Worldox from the scanning software.

Connectors [Canon & Konica Minolta MFPs]

Many of the large MFP devices today have integration directly to Worldox via a "Connector" that is loaded directly on the console located at the scanner. This allows the user to scan the document to directly Worldox from the scanner by filling out the document profile information on the console screen.

If your firm uses Konica Minolta, Sharp or Canon MFPs, you should consider using these connectors.

Batch Scanning [Any Scanner]

Batch scanning allows users to process multiple documents into Worldox from a scanner at once, and generally uses a barcoded coversheet that is placed onto the document prior to scanning. This coverhseet is used to separate multiple documents in the batch, and also profiles each document to the correct location in Worldox. Variants of this process also read the DOCID that Worldox stamps on the bottom of all documents as part of the batch scanning process.

SimpleIndex and Symphony Profiler

As scanning typically accounts for around 20%-40% of the work product that a firm stores in Worldox, the integration is not something that should be glossed over. Furthermore, there are tools and features in Worldox that can replace the mail cart and the desk inbox, by routing documents through Worldox, or notifying certain users when scanned document have been added to Worldox. We will discuss these features in a future blog post.

In the meantime, if you need assistance to evaluate and configure your Worldox scanning process, please contact us.

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