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My Sony Digital Paper device, along with my credentials to install and use the Worldox FileCloud service, arrived just as I was preparing to spend several long days reading trial transcripts in preparation for writing an appeal brief. Until now, I have been reading transcripts, typically received in or scanned to searchable PDF format, on my iPad using the excellent iAnnotate app. Annotations were made on the iPad's screen using my Wacom Bamboo stylus.

The problem is that long hours in front of any backlit LCD-type screen, including a Retina-class iPad, can induce considerable eye strain. Also, writing on the iPad's screen with even a very good capacitive stylus like the Bamboo feels unnatural and is less than ideal. Still, it is better than any other solution I've found - until now.

Worldox is the leading Document Management System (DMS) for law firms. Worldox will integrate with practically any scanning system available. However, there are many few variations as to the type of integration available betweeen Worldox and your scanning system. Here is a summary of the main integration processes and examples of the devices that are used for each.

Last month, the Sony Corporation announced that it had partnered with Worldox to launch its newest digital device, known as Sony Digital Paper. The new device is not a traditional tablet or e-reader (although many tech reviews seem to mistakenly lump it into that category), but rather a digital replacement for paper.


As many of you know, we have long recommended the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 as the go to scanner for legal professionals. You may have noticed that this model is no longer available on the Fujitsu website - although many vendors do still have them in stock if you want to stock up.


Did you know that Worldox Gx3 Professional allows you to copy email messages that have been saved in Worldox, back into Microsoft Outlook?

Perhaps you need to edit, attach or just follow-up on an email that has already been safely stored in Worldox, and copying that message back to Outlook would make things easier.

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