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Cheaper isn't always better. But sometimes it is good enough. At least that is what I have discovered in my first two weeks of using the Chinese-made Chuwi Hi-13 Windows tablet.

Wi-Fi is great - except when it isn't. Aside from the obvious security problems and making sure your network is locked down, you also need to deal with Wi-Fi range problems.

Mobile, MOBILE, Mobile, Mobile! That is the mantra of the modern lawyer. But does it make sense? When buying your next computer, should it be a laptop or a desktop?

A consensus is forming on which laptop is the best full-service business laptop. This category goes beyond the more popular lightweight ultrabook form factor to focus on machines that are more powerful, rugged, and expandable (yet larger and heavier) than a typical ultrabook. The consensus pick is no surprise to those who follow the business laptop market.

Chromebooks are useful, secure, and inexpensive devices for mobile lawyers. But when you are not mobile, they are a bit less compelling - until now.

Few tech devices are more essential to the smooth functioning of your law firm (or your home) than your broadband router. But most of us pay insufficient attention to router performance or settle to the generally crappy performance of the combination modem/router device supplied by (and often rented from) our Internet Service Provider, typically the local cable TV or telephone company. You can do better.

Microsoft's hardware partners have not done Windows any favors over the years by routinely sellng PC's at retail burdened with crapware, trialware, or worse. Last week we learned that the world's largest PC maker, Lenovo, upped the ante by bundling adware (Superfish) that carried with it a serious security risk. The fact that no one got hacked as a result of Lenovo's stupid mistake is only a minor mitigating factor. This is less of a problem with custom-configure PC's ordered directly from the manufacturer though a trusted re-seller. Even then, you may have some pesky trialware to uninstall.

Data security has become one of the most talked about subjects this year. With the data breaches occurring at companies such as Chick-fil-A, Microsoft, Sony, J. P. Morgan Chase, Apple and Boeing, the business world has had to stop and take notice. Small to midsize firms commonly believe they are not at risk of a data breach because they are small companies but, it is this common misconception that can turn out to be costly in both bad publicity and expensive litigation.

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