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Did you see the recent news, Innovative Firm Culhane Meadows Leverages Worldox Cloud Technology for Greater Efficiency? We are honored to be a part of this project and proud that Worldox has showcased our great client, Culhane Meadows.

Below is the full Press Release from Worldox:

Innovative Firm Culhane Meadows Leverages Worldox Cloud Technology for Greater Efficiency

When Culhane Meadows needed a document management system that would enhance their innovative and agile business model, they chose Worldox Cloud. Each attorney supplies his or her own equipment and either works from a small rental office or from home, making costly infrastructure and staff no longer necessary. Worldox Cloud is easy to use and allows their attorneys to work from anywhere.

“Culhane Meadows prides itself on using cutting edge technology to provide it clients with high quality, efficient and cost-effective service and is always looking for innovative ways to increase the quality and efficiency of our client service. We chose Worldox Cloud as a foundation of our technology platform to provide our firm with a sophisticated, robust document management system that enhances our innovative firm’s ability to provide high quality services from anywhere in a secure, fully scalable and efficient cloud environment because Worldox had and continues to have an eye for innovation and constantly provides excellent customer service.” – Heather Clauson Haughian, Founder & Managing Partner

Rebecca Sattin, CIO of World Software Corporation commented: “It has been a banner year for our Worldox Cloud division. As more firms adopt Cloud technologies, the unique approach taken by Worldox has differentiated us from our competitors in that our product is not browser-based. Being an opt-out system, we can ensure that all firm data will be saved in Worldox, supporting firms’ information governance policies. Innovative firms like Culhane Meadows have been growing and in the past year we have expanded our Cloud operations to include Australia (Matrix Solutions), Canada (Animate, Inc.) and the UK (Copyrite).”

The full case study on Culhane Meadows can be found on the Worldox web site.

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