Lawyers should always be concerned about the security of their mobile devices. The most secure laptop-style device is a Google Chromebook. It is more secure than either a Windows laptop or a MacBook. And it is essentially impervious to viruses and other malware. But Chromebooks have limitations, right? Not for long.

No, I don't mean Internet-based practices, what the ABA refers to as eLawyering. I am referring to virtualization of the desktop environment. Let me explain.

The media has been filled with stories on falling iPad, Android, and Windows tablet sales. Here is one of the reasons why.

The following was written by Affinity Partner and Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2016 Steven J. Best, Esq., for ABA Law Practice Today

Since 1986, lawyers and legal technology enthusiasts have been coming to ABA TECHSHOW to learn how technology helps them work smarter, practice better, and deliver higher quality legal services to clients. Isn’t it incredible to think that some forward thinking lawyers, in 1986 (i.e. 30 years ago), had the forethought to believe that there would be a convergence of law and technology? Putting this amazing futurism in perspective, in 1986, at ABA TECHSHOW #1, Microsoft first went public at $21.00 per share, MS-DOS 3.2 had just been released, and Apple introduced a revolutionary personal computer called the MAC Plus – that included one single megabyte of RAM! Now, thirty years later, most lawyers can’t conceive of a law practice, legal department, or public law service operating without technology.

Software Technology, Inc. announced the members of the 2016 President’s Circle for Tabs3 and PracticeMaster software. President’s Circle members are selected annually based on their expertise with Tabs3 and PracticeMaster software, their strong client relationships, and their sales.

The upcoming Atticus Practice Builder workshop scheduled for October 16-17, in Orlando, Florida, will cover how to develop the right clients (and more of them), find competent staff, take control of your time, minimize your stress, increase cash flow and develop a competitive advantage that will last a lifetime. Up to 17.5 CLE credits available (depending upon your state's requirements).

Today (July 29) is Windows 10 day. Yes, for those who reserved in advance their upgrade from Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 to Windows 10, the upgrade is starting to become available for download. I have five Windows machines (one on 7, four on 8.1) - yes, I am a hopeless geek! Of those five machines, only my main machine, a Dell desktop, has so far received the notification that Windows 10 is available for download. So I did something incredibly stupid.

Microsoft will be adding new features to its Office Online web-based applications. This includes the online version of Microsoft Word. Lawyers, as huge Word users, will benefit from these new features.

My daughter is a graduate student at the nation's second largest university. (No, not Ohio State. OSU is #3. The University of Central Florida in Orlando, with just under 60,000 students, is second only to Arizona State University in total enrollment). She is a frequent user of the Uber ride sharing service. Orlando is full of Uber drivers, so a ride is always just a few minutes away. Uber is expanding rapidly and has even started serving my little hometown area of Sarasota and Bradenton, FL. Using Uber is simple. Just download the app to your smart phone, enter your credit card information, and tap the screen a few times. Within minutes, your Uber ride will appear. No calling a cab or dealing with cash to pay the fare. It is a seamless "complete experience." Lawyers can learn from this model, says Dan Lear in his intriguing post on Above the Law.

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