TELL Your PC What to Do

Gain Control of Your Digital World with Your Voice.

  • Dictate Documents
  • Produce Content More Quickly
  • Lower Stress
  • Build Productivity

When you gain control of your computer and digital devices, you accomplish more. Affinity helps by showing you the tools to capture your voice and turn your technology into your personal assistant.

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Spend More Time Practicing Law,
Spend Less Time Practicing Typing

You need your technology to support your workload, not take time away from focusing on your clients. Speech recognition technology allows you to use your voice to get your thoughts into print.

  • Implement Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Voice Recorders that Meet Your Needs and Budget
  • Custom Training
  • Ongoing Tips & Tricks

We can help you by providing speech solutions that WORK

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This is not your father’s dictation

Affinity Consulting is a Dragon Certified Partner. Speech technology from Nuance and Dragon turns your voice into text three times faster than most people type - with 99% accuracy.

  • Significantly improved accuracy
  • Use from any PC on your organization's network, including a Citrix thin client
  • A new Dragon Sidebar that makes it easier to discover and access important, but often overlooked voice commands and tips
  • Support for more Windows applications as well as Microsoft® Office 2010
  • More Dragon Voice Shortcuts for sending email, scheduling meetings, and searching the Internet

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See Dragon NaturallySpeaking in Action

Watch David Pogue demo Dragon at NY Times.

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The Right Solution for Your Needs

Dragon offers multiple editions to meet the specific needs that you and your firm have. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium is perfect for home users and consumers. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional is ideal for business and advanced users, enterprise-wide deployments and includes additional features and capabilities.

Have a questions about which version or edition is right for you?
We can help.

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Say it and it happens

Philips Speech Exec puts you in command of your productivity

Philips provides the ultimate recording technology to meet your dictation needs including:

  • Voice Commands
  • Slide Switch Operation
  • Smart Buttons
  • DSS Pro Ecoding
  • File encryption
  • High-quality microphone
  • Editing Functions
  • USB Dock

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Increase Your Practice Profitability. Call Affinity. (877) 676-5492

Change the Way Your Business Operates

Add Dragon® NaturallySpeaking to your dictation workflow at any time with the Philips SpeechExec Pro Software.

  • Dictate into the Philips® Digital Pocket Memo
  • Dock the device and or connect to your computer via USB
  • Your dictation is automatically downloaded and the speech recognition integration of SpeechExec Pro automatically send the dictation to the speech recognition engine
  • Dragon® NaturallySpeaking will start speech recognition in the background
  • You will see a final word document in the work list of SpeechExec Pro - ready for you or your transcriptionist to edit using Dragon®

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